Feature: The 11 Worst Trends in Video Games (2007 Edition)

So why do trends exist? Because they are familiar, they enable standards, and they just make life easier. In the case of video games, trends help companies maximize sales while reducing costs because gamers will purchase what they are accustomed to. But easier isn't always better. Here are eleven reasons why:
11. The perfect woman.

She's as pretty as pie and as tough as any of the guys... in fact, she effectively is one of the guys, never mind the next-gen jiggle physics....

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eques judicii4752d ago

always eager to take potshots at halo.

frankly... i don't even recal bloom effects being that big in halo 2 and there aren't any in the halo 3 beta

gta_cb4752d ago

yeh i agree execpt i havnt played Halo 2 enough to have noticed it.

tplarkin74752d ago

The list is a joke. What's wrong with hot women? That's a good trend. I suppose they would replace Lara Croft with Rosie O'Donnel. Super Soldiers are cool, too. Keep'm comin

gta_cb4752d ago

yeh they do seem to take shots at halo, at least they mentioned some other titles aswell, yet it did seem [to me] a bit against MS/Xbox 360. and i love the fact i went out and brought one, i also want a PS3 in the future, but i still love the fact i got my Xbox 360, so i disagree with some of this story, also i TOTALY agree these next gen consoles need less sequals, Halo isnt a problem as theres only going to be 3 total (not counting Halo Wars as its a different type of game... i think) but stuff like COD, Tony Hawks etc, i liked the idea of Crackdown. its new its different to anything i have played before, and Gears, although it is another shooter....

anyway just my thoughts.

PS360WII4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

yeah so umm I would hate the day when they get rid of the perfect women in video games. Why do I want to play a game where I have to rescue or play as some Sarah Plain and Tall lady... ugh.
I also understand that game development is getting more and more expensive but I really hate having to shell out 60 dollars for a new game.<edit: okay I don't hate but really games were only 50 not so long ago> Don't make games that cross the 20 million marker!! It's nice that you can get 720p and 1080p with top notch blades of grass and see every pot mark on ones face but why do I need to do that when I'm to busy playing the game.

pilotpistolpete4752d ago

Oh, stop defending your poor little Halo. So Halo was mentioned a bunch of times, the articles still brought up a few interesting points and cliches. They in no way say that the halo series is bad, they just say that its cliche. Your a supersoldier killing aliens, its been done before

The only one is the price issue. I still remember n64 games going for over 100$ CDN in the sears catalogue. I hope I won't have to pay that much for 360/ps3 games. They are using standard disks that help absorb the price. Game cartridges were expensive.

Captain Tuttle4751d ago

With the sequel issue. It's gotten really bad, there's a lack of creativity.

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