The Community is speaking, MS are you listening?

Now a couple weeks ago when the new dashboard update came out, one of the things that MS was touting was the brand spanking new Marketplace blade that was added to the dashboard. The new blade allowed Xbox users to quickly find the newest TV shows, Movies, Themes, Picture Packs, game downloads and more. But with all this content available one thing in particular seemed to have been forgotten or neglected a little bit. And what has been neglected you ask, its anything free. And in this case the users of Xbox Live and the Marketplace are speaking. Here at XBL Radio we have talked about this on our podcast and on our Video Minute and now it seems that the average joe is asking for it too. MS what we want is a quick and easy way to find items that are available for free on the Marketplace. We want a link, or button, that lists all free content, the same way there is one that shows us the top download movies, or newest downloadable content for our games. So what is it going to take? Is it going to take a few hundred people to add there gamertag to this link in your forums? Is it going to take other websites joining in spread the word? Now this can not be to hard to add a shortcut the Marketplace blade, its has to be a whole lot simpler them growing our friends list or adding group chat. So Microsoft if your truly listening to the community, please let us know what your going to do.

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gta_cb4165d ago

good point, i have tried searching for free themes but i cant find any very quick and give up and end up playing games lol.

romaink4165d ago

Great point! Sometimes a new promotional video is uploaded and we don't see an ad to it until some days after it's posted.
I also think that they need to organize the movies properly. I know there's a link for most recent movies, but what about the movies that are 1 or 2 years old that are just added. I only know they're there because I found them randomly.

Saint Sony4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

Yeah finding free stuff fast is always good, but I can manage without. It is not like I'm in a hurry when I check live offerings. If they do this change, good nevertheless.

Title of this "news" is pretty stupid, of course they are listening. We already got great spring update where they did implement many of the user requests/wishes.

Steve5194165d ago

thats funny I really didn't get a single thing that I was hoping for in the last update, there were a couple nice treats but I still didn't get one thing that I wanted (and I had a pretty big list)

NewfZ4165d ago

I think the answer is not to make finding free content easier, but to make free content more common. Theres too many things on Live Marketplace that costs money that really shouldn't cost anything. Themes, gamerpics, come on. MS said Live is all about finding your own 'image' and personality yet we have to pay for it?

I believe if we pay 60 bucks to get the service then most of the downloads on the service we payed for should to be free.

Leathersoup4165d ago

I've actually been talking about that with my friends.

bung tickler4165d ago

i found myself wanting this a longtime ago... so yes this would be nice.

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