TRU Website Shows PS3 Boxart for GTA Episodes from Liberty City

TripleChat reports that the ToysRUs website features the boxart of both a PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the upcoming Rockstar release, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City.

For months it has been denied that the content will see the light of day on the PS3, but for the past couple of months we have had a few minor slips showing the possibility that the content is indeed coming to Sony's platform.

This hasn't been the first time that a slip liked this occurred...

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xoxideu5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

ms keep funding ps3 exclusives.. thanks

MetalGearRising5376d ago

Have the left overs as u seem very desperate.

bot slayer5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )


Delta5376d ago

50,000,000,000$ from nothing? i doubt this is true. Who would waste that much money? LOL if it comes to PS3. MS really screwed themselves.

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zeeshan5376d ago

Could very well be a mistake you know. Anyway, if it does happen, it'll be great for the GTA fans on PS3. I passed it up though. A lot more AAA games coming to PS3, far better than GTA4 :)

Darkstorn5376d ago

I have no idea if it's fake or not, to be honest. We shall see...

StanLee5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

Yep it's there. Both box arts are shown on the main video games page but when you click it, you're linked to a page that only lists the XBox 360 as a platform. Seems someone may have jumped the gun placing both box arts on the main page.

Edit @ Below

Here's the link to the page. There have been cases where there have been box art for Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect PS3 appearing on websites so it's not uncommon. http://www.toysrus.com/shop...


Called Toys R Us, there isn't a Playstation 3 version of the game. Was told by Customer Service that the box art is "probably a mistake as it happens" but they don't have that SKU. Rep didn't know the first thing about video games but was adamant that that SKU wasn't available at Toys R Us. Number is 1 800 869 7787.

Raf1k15376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

Boxart with the PS3 logo can't be a mistake. A typo can be a mistake but putting the wrong logo on box art isn't easy to do let alone together with the 360 box art.

edit: I'm assuming that both box arts are on there though I can't seem to find it myself. Anyone got a link?

edit: @above, I see. It not being uncommon changes things a bit. It could well be a mistake afterall.

The Wood5376d ago

if it showed the new ps3 boxart i'd be more inclined to believe. To be honest I dont really care

darthv725376d ago

the ps3 really "DOES" everything but you really don't know how to spell.

LOL j/k

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sinncross5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

If true it would add to a very promising 2010 lineup.(if true I doubt the PS3 version will release this year)

But right now I am quite intrigued by Agent: I would love to see what Rockstar are up to with that title.

snaz275376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

ok yeah they have box art for the ps3, however if you go to the toys r us site, then click the little advert, it says for xbox360, no mention of the ps3... god knows why they have the ps3 boxart up... maybe someone should e-mail them and ask why they advertise ps3 version but then you cant buy it lol.

EDIT: besides is anyone really that interested in this?

Ninji5376d ago

Looks like the 360 lost another excl...Ok, by now you already know the drill. They've been losing so many exclusives that it's too tiring for me to point out anymore.

Dirk Benedict5376d ago

I will be here to keep pointing it out. It'll be like pissing VX nerve agent into bot wounds.