Nathan Drake and the Secret of Metascores

If Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was merely the sum of its parts its story would be Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones, its gameplay the bastard child of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Infamous, and its graphics a cross between a comic book and a creepily suggestive puppet show. But Uncharted 2 is more than the sum of its parts; it's one of those special games...

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WildArmed4795d ago

exactly.. this game is up there with Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64).
And that was the best game ever made.. I'm glad to see gems are still being made.

bcoz i still play OoT bcoz its that awesome

but i find it funny people complain about the difference between 1 point, while other games are stuck at 17-25 range.. those games should be getting the real hate. not the ones that earned their high ends score

rockleex4795d ago

Sounds like an awesome game. ^_^

Anyways, the secret is that its an AMAZING game.

Trust me, when you're in the middle of a gunfight in a building that is collapsing, with all the objects and rubble falling, and you have to jump into another building to hopefully survive... words just can't explain it. O_O

You've never played a game like it before.

mal_tez924795d ago

They can tell you a generally good game from a bad one, but I don't rely on them to rank games in order. For example, GTA IV was not a bad game and definitely deserves to be in the green, but having the highest rating of all time is certainly not deserved. I'm not saying game reviews are pointless, but scores can be sometimes. I usually just check to see generally good or generally bad reviews, and only read the ones fom big name sites.

StanLee4795d ago

What was the point of that article? O_o It seems the writer tries to make the insinuation that review scores aren't to be trusted but the applauds those games which have had critical acclaim as being worthy or the lofty scores.

Darkstorn4794d ago

Yeah, Uncharted has borrowed from so many other games (mostly PS3 exclusives) and mashed all these awesome mechanics together to make a truly unique experience. It may not be the best game this gen (MGS4 or Bioshock, imo), but it's a damn good game and one of our top system sellers. Can't wait to see what Naughty Dog has in store next!

ThanatosDMC4794d ago

Best moments i had with the game was the train. You go in and out and enemies come follow you. Ran out of ammo. Fist fight with a guy. Grab his fallen shotty and then immediately aim for the guy that's about to lob a nade at me.... ummm.. i missed so i died.

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bot slayer4795d ago

MASTER BOT and the Secret of FLOPY cores

Serial_EDX4795d ago

"AAA cores"
"FLOPY cores"

>.> Wow really, That's interesting.

Jamescagney4795d ago

Can someone translate what bot slayer is saying, I'm having difficulty working it out?

TheBand1t4795d ago

Something about closet homosexuality.

jessupj4795d ago

While metacritic can have it's place and it's a good place to get a very fast overview of a game, I still think it's very flawed. Metacritic it's self isn't flawed, it's the review scores. All I need to do is mention edge and eurogamer and you'll instantly se my point. It's sad that gaming journalists that are suppose to be professional and objective resort to pathetic fanboy behaviour. Never has there been so many fanboys in the gaming media.

Perjoss4795d ago

nothing wrong with metacritic, just remember that it gets its scores from reviews, and what are reviews? they are just opinions from 1 individual, and should not be taken too seriously.

OpenGL4795d ago

Yeah, it's not really metacritic's fault when all the reviewers give a game perfect scores that didn't really deserve it. We saw this with GTA IV and it's 98 on metacritic. It's not that GTA IV isn't a good game, it's just not as good as a 98 metascore should represent. Pretty much any game rated 90 or higher will be worth the cost of admission however.

Darkstorn4794d ago

True, but people should not be as butthurt about UC2's score dropping from a 9.7 to a 9.6, though. The 0.1 point drop will not affect anyone's desire for the game.

Sarcasm4795d ago

Metacritic can hold some weight because it still gives us a general idea of what the media thinks of said game.

It's just when fanboys bicker over 89's and 90's is when it's a problem. I still remember the tune "hahahaha that PS3 game is not AAA, it only got an 89 and anything below a 90 is not AAA!!!"

And now they eat their own words with Uncharted 2 at 97.

Troll_Police4795d ago

Why was this not brought up when GTA4 got a 98%?

Jamaicangmr4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )


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