Uncharted 2 is not the game it could have been

The first Uncharted was a revelation for its characters. The romance between Nate and Elena was well written, subtly animated, and expressively acted. No game had done characters so well on all three of those levels. Furthermore, Nate himself was a great everyman, the quintessential charming rogue in a genre full of space marines. The rest of the game was gorgeous, concise, and full of memorable set pieces.

But now here comes the sequel. The first strike against it is some clunky character development. It plays with betrayal and double-crossing, but it all comes across as confused. Who's doing what to whom and why? From the simple romance of the original game, here's a messy love quadrilateral among Flynn, Chloe, Elena, and Nate, which is about two wheels too many for a fun date.

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Major_Tom3619d ago

Your right, if they added a little more extra oomph it could be GOTY for two years running instead of just one.

rucky3619d ago

That's the power of the PS3, even games like Uncharted 2 can still be better.

And yes I've read the article, it's just another turd who thinks he's soooo special that he doesn't like the game. Too bad for him to tell you the truth.

BulletToothtony3619d ago

it was waaayy better.. that's why everyone loves it.. except fanboys of course..

and Major Tom.. why do you hate the ps3 for a season and then you act like you love it?? btw i mean that as an honest question.. do you just try to get people angry for fun??

WildArmed3619d ago

yeah.. it could have been a flop (and like alot of people wanted)
but.. too bad it turned out to be de best game this gen. (oh and please dont throw that GTA IV crap on me)

Major_Tom3619d ago

It's funny, it pisses people off. If everyone wasn't so touchy on this website I probably wouldn't get a kick out of it.

WildArmed3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I spend more time reading the comments then the stories coz its that entertaining lol

pity i lost a bubble today o_O
hmm. oh well. 8 bubs is still enough.

Sarcasm3619d ago

"Uncharted 2 isn't the game it could have been."


"Uncharted 2 should have been a 360 game because the PS3 has no games."

SnuggleBandit3619d ago

97 on meta says otherwise...and what do people really think a great game is if this isn't??

ultimolu3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

*looks at article warily*

*rolls eyes and heads back to bed*

It's too easy to even give this article hits. This is really sickening. If you hate a game, keep it to yourself. There's no need to write a despicable article like that.

UnSelf3619d ago

u and i are both guilty of waking up and checking N4G articles randomly lol

wanna play some UC2 TDM while we're up?

TotalPS3Fanboy3619d ago

Uncharted 2 is perfect. Accept it.

Darkstorn3619d ago

No game is perfect. Accept it (except for MGS4...) :P

beardpapa3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I feel sorry for PS3 supporters the way the media handles things sometimes. The PS3 finally gets a really good AAA that makes it a reason to get a PS3, just like how Metal Gear Solid was the reason to get a PS1. I've known some friends of mine trade in their 360 to pick up a PS3 + Uncharted 2, though they're having a hard time liking PS3 because the majority of their friends are on Live!, but they definitely enjoy UC2. Even my gf recommends her friends to get a PS3 or pickup UC2 after watching me play it. Even her friend's friend was talking about UC2 all night long at the bar nonstop about how amazing the last level was.

But you know what's sad is despite how perfect UC2 has become for this generation of gaming, the media will nevertheless nitpick at every little thing because it's a Sony game.

From the hate for UC2 because of a cancer-stricken friend, to UC2 glitches that seldom happen, to a love quadrilateral that confuses the story somehow.... it seems almost as if it wouldn't feel right to journalists to not pick on a Sony title.

UC2 may not be a perfect game, but it's pretty damn good, and Sony supporters should have the right to cheer and toast champagne for such a fine game unique to the Playstation platform

Xbox Avatars Shoe3619d ago

Uncharted 2 is back to 97 on MetaCritic :D

rockleex3619d ago

Yes, it was only a love triangle, not quadrilateral.

This is not MGS4 we're talking about. Everything is made clear and cut.

If he can not understand Uncharted 2's storyline then he needs to stop playing video games and start taking Special Ed classes.


TotalPS3Fanboy3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Uncharted 2 is a little bit more than perfect.

63 perfect scores. 1 beyond perfect score.

That random guy's friend had cancer and died, but in the end, Uncharted 2 is still more than perfect. That random guy should thank God the PS3 is trying to cure cancer, instead of directing his anger toward Uncharted 2, a perfect game.

techie3619d ago

This is a repost of Tom Chick's Crispy Gamer review.

sikbeta3619d ago

GOD, another cry baby whining cuz he doesn't like the game, maybe he was playing is some friend house, and then his mom called him to go to bed, he became so angry and mad that made this stupid article

I prefer 100 times a xbox fanboys saying he doesn't like because is a PS3 exclusive than this kind of whiner

Mr_Bun3619d ago

All I can say is if you weren't happy with UC2, you have some extremely high expectations....expectations that have yet to be realized in console gaming.

I loved the story and was completely engrossed by it, from beginning to end. The witty banter between Nate and the other characters actually felt genuine....especially the very end of the game, where it is just Nate and Elana

mal_tez923619d ago

"Uncharted 2 can't hold a candle to Brutal Legend or Batman: Arkham Asylum."

Who else facepalmed after reading this?

Sarcasm3619d ago

"All I can say is if you weren't happy with UC2, you have some extremely high expectations....expectations that have yet to be realized in console gaming."

Or you only own the "other" console and feel the need to justify your purchase by downplaying an amazing game.

The best part about Uncharted 2, is not only does the media agree that it's amazing, but it's also universally acclaimed by the GAMERS too.

Some examples is GTA IV, herald by the media as a magnificent piece of work. But a lot of the actual gamers didn't agree.

DaTruth3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I would never bother to read this(article)! But I facepalmed reading it in your comment.

@N4G:"Uncharted is not the game it could have been." I wonder when the PS4 will release and then Naughty Dog releases the game "it could have been"; I can't wait to play it! This is the only way it could have been more!

Prototype3619d ago

I wanted Elena and Chloe to do something lesbian-related >:(

But really good game :D It's another game I'll never trade it because it's that fun

Rocket Sauce3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I threw up in my mouth a little bit at the end of Batman...such a stupid ass ending.

I prefer Drakes Fortune over Among Thieves, but Uncharted is the best thing going today.

f7897903619d ago

Look at popular movie reviews and it's hilarious. Do it after you see the movie or it might ruin your impression of it.

JoySticksFTW3619d ago

Or at least I would if we all lived on Opposite World where...

-It's safe for kids to run with scissors...
-Sharks, alligators, and rattle-snakes are cuddly...
-no one picked on Star Wars kid...
-and Michael Jackson was the greatest baby-sitter ever! (too soon?)

GTFO with this crap

And who the heck ever heard of this fraud website anyhow?

They shame themselves

Schobeleth3619d ago

I don't understand how anyone could not like this game, much like his jaded cynicism and bias against Uncharted 2 in it's entirety. He's the type of person who won't give many things a chance and even after that is extremely hard to please. I guess all Naughty Dog can do is make an amazing game and hope people enjoy it. Thing is, I feel bad for the people who are too skeptical or jaded to enjoy something as amazing as Uncharted 2.

ThanatosDMC3619d ago

^I thought MGS3 was perfect.

Uncharted 2 is great. It's funny to watch my cousin's gaming who lives hundreds of miles away from on my own PS3. He's such a dumbass!

trancefreak3619d ago

This game was the bomb I finished it last night and felt like I just walked out of 1 hell of a ride. What a hell of an experience I don't think other games match period!!

ico923619d ago

don't you just love nitpickers?

Xgamerzus3619d ago

true those snow creature costumes look Horrible!!!!!!!!
This was the only thing in the game that looked out of place, and rush rushed!!
I can say this that it reminds me of the horrible particles effects on some of the Resistance 2 stages . it takes you out of the game abit..

Terry Tate3619d ago

Then suddenly all these "nit pickers" would have a valid point in the eyes of the average N4G user. Whether or not the graphics could be done on the 360 (im sure they couldn't), this game is fun, but not perfect, and if it was a 360 game you guys would be tearing it up on account of its linearity, its lame boss fights, and forced camera angels. Its just another Tomb Raider.

Sarcasm3618d ago

"if it was a 360 game you guys would be tearing it up on account of its linearity, its lame boss fights, and forced camera angels. Its just another Tomb Raider."


rockleex3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )


You don't hear PS3 fans complaining about Gear's linear levels. But you DO hear PS3 fans making fun of Gears 2's glitchfest and horrible online problems.

The only times you hear people complaining about linear levels are when 360 fanboy reviewers decide to review a non-sandbox PS3 game and expect sandbox aspects.

Forced camera angles? Who would complain about that when the only time you can't control the camera is when you're squeezing through a crack in the wall? What else are you supposed to look at while doing that?

Sounds to me like you're trying to justify their double standards by saying we do the same, when in fact we don't.

JoySticksFTW3618d ago

Hmm, interesting...

Guess who wasn't here for all of those Dude Raider comments

TotalPS3Fanboy3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

"If this game would have been on the 360..."

then Halo and Gears would be consider sh*t. Because if Uncharted 2 was on the 360, 360 gamers would finally have the chance experience what a perfect game feels like. And then they will realize that Halo isn't as great as they thought. With Uncharted 2 on the 360, 360 fanboys can finally compare and see how utterly better Uncharted 2 is than Halo.

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Sevir043619d ago

it perfectly tells us that Chloe was before elena, whats more drake was jealous about chloe and flyn initially.. these are the best characters you can get for any game.. Nate and Crew are amazing and claudia black (farscape) does an amazing job as chloe, I love them all. uncharted 2 is simply amazing

Parapraxis3619d ago

Don't forget her role from Stargate SG-1!
"At the time of Vala's first encounter with SG-1 team member Daniel Jackson in the season 8 episode "Prometheus Unbound", she has become a thief and a con artist"

How fitting, eh! ;)

Raf1k13619d ago

'claudia black (farscape) does an amazing job as chloe'
So that's where I've heard her voice before. I didn't realise it was her.

Darkstorn3619d ago

I wouldn't say for 'any' video game. These aren't particularly deep characters, at least not in terms of spouting philosophical treatises. Nathan, Elena, and Chloe are well-developed, but they're not meant to be anything more than action heroes. Of course, that's exactly what Naughty Dog wanted them to be, so you can't hold it against them for creating action characters for an action game. I suppose I've just been spoiled by MGS4...

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3619d ago
edwineverready3619d ago

Guess this guy only watches mindless action movies. his brain would explode if he watched being john malkovich. lol

The Killer3619d ago

but it failed at least with me.

OGharryjoysticks3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Nothing like spending the entire series with the same relationship. I mean, nobody really wants there to be another girl because in the first game the story was so cute wasn't it.

But big news here for the fool who complained....the whole point of Drake is he's likable but really a ladies man so he's not tied to one girl. It's cool to root for him to settle down with Elena because in a lot of ways that's what a lot of people need to do in real life, but for some people things just happen.

In this article this critic obviously didn't get it.

Dsnyder3619d ago

Lets just LOL at this poor guy.