What game developers think of Windows 7

Today, lots and lots of PCs are being sold and many other are getting their upgrades to Microsoft's newest OS Windows 7. Every reviewer agrees that Windows 7 is a massive improvement over the buggy and performance poor Windows Vista. But will the launch of Windows 7, and its parallel launch of the DirectX11 gaming graphics tech, be a boon or a bust for PC gaming?

Big Download decided to contact a number of game developers to get their comments about the launch of Windows 7 and how, or even if, the new operating system will be a benefit for the PC gaming industry. As you will read opinions are extremely varied from one spectrum to the other.

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darkmurder3983d ago

Who cares what developers think, it's what the user should think. I for one think its awesome.

Serial_EDX3983d ago

I love it, but I'm mad because Firefox doesn't seem to want to work right all the time. I have no problems with any other program. I eve got Windows movie maker 2.6 to work again. But this stuff with FF is just bugging the crap out of me, lagging, freezing, and such, I mean IE is actually working better on my system, and that's just sad.

Limited_Vertigo3983d ago

Ya, Firefox sure is being annoying. Like you said seems like everything is working okie dokie. I was surprised how long it took to install 7 last night, took me nearly 2hours to completely set it up. Hopefully they get the FF issues worked out, I'm so used to using it; I don't want to try another browser.

LostCypher113983d ago

Are you guys using the Full retail Version? I'm still using the RC and haven't had any issue with FF at all. if it's an issue with the retial version i hope it's addressed soon

y0haN3983d ago

I have the retail version (Pro, x64) and my Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera are all fine.

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adamsmith3983d ago

You can still buy the pc games that are compatible with systems even older than xp at places like Half Price Books. There are also plenty of sites where you can download games for free that will work on XP and older systems.

Unless you feel you will absolutely die if you don't have the latest games then I wouldn't worry about upgrading your system yet.

It's already been proved repeatedly that Vista is a real pain. As for Windows 7 I for one would rather wait awhile to see how that turns out before I buy that system.

3983d ago
Voozi3983d ago

Still waiting for my order to arrive from the online Microsoft store(hurry up Microsoft). Bought it when they had the upgrade deal going for $50 lol.

Can't wait for it to them, been on XP for so long, had Vista on my laptop, thought it was crap, heard only good things about 7, can't wait to finally get a true successor to XP & do some DX10 gaming that XP has been holding me back on ;D

3983d ago
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