Old News '01: Gran Turismo Made PlayStation The Market Leader

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku Australia: "Racing gaming has always been a competitive genre. For a while, there was no contest. Fresh off this week's latest news bit about Gran Turismo and with a copy of Forza 3 on my desk, I wanted to look back."

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OGharryjoysticks4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

I'm not into racing games. But I heard some crazy ammount of cars and tracks in GT5. I can't be exact how many because part of me didn't believe a number that high so I didn't bother to remember since I won't play either anyway. But point is, if I heard right and GT has what I heard. Well, only a diehard fanboy would argue for Forza because I heard some disgustingly high numbers and if that's true, it would still pound all racing games even if it played like a PSone game with all those tracks and cars. But I'm sure it won't be PSone gameplay so only a fruit without a rib trying to slurp his own package would attempt to say otherwise when it comes down to GT being the champion