NA Playstation Network Store Update (10/22/09)

PS Blog:Hi Everyone – It's time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

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Homicide5358d ago

Crap, the Ratchet & Clank is 2 GB. It's going to take me a while to download.

acedoh5358d ago

What an update!!! Talk about some expensive choices. Trine and the two Odd World games may end up being very expensive for me.

PirateThom5358d ago


I wonder if they're doing it as a download for both demos, then you download a smaller unlock for the other part of the demo?

2.4GB is massive for a demo.

Redempteur5357d ago

ZOMG ... demo(s) are now 2.3gb !!

Blu ray is needed ..what will happens in ten years ? 25gb demos ?

download in progress....

randomwiz5357d ago

the download size for R&C CiT is huge. I think its the biggest demo ever!

Raf1k15357d ago

That really is pretty big. Won't stop me downloading it though :P

ThanatosDMC5357d ago

HOLY CRAP! Armored Core 3 for the PSP!!!

::bought it::

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George Sears5358d ago (Edited 5358d ago )

Oddworld: Abes Odyssey = One of the best games ever

"Get em'" "Here boy" "Wait!" Awwww good times.

Nothing better than praying and transforming into those ugly guards and pissing off the guard dog so that it ends up eating it. Or even better, just spontaneously combust and listen to Abe giggle.

acedoh5358d ago

Odd World is a great game. Sometimes a little frustrating with the puzzles. But one of the best puzzle platformers since the PSone.

cyberwaffles5357d ago

Abe: "Hi"

Mudokon: "Hello"

Abe: "Follow Me"

Mudokon: Ok

*squishy walking noise*

love oddworld so much. one of my all time favorites. they're needs to be some new classic side scroller oddworld games with abe.

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