Crysis- First Screens From Inside The Alien Ship

PC Gamer Magazine employee, Norman Chan, has been lucky enough to score the first ever hands-on from within the alien ship. In the latest July issue of PC Gamer, Norman shares his experience with, and opinions on the aliens, the zero-g simulation as well as the environment inside the alien ship. Included in the magazine are two new screenshots of within the alien ship. These screens are cropped and resized to keep 'PC Gamer' happy. You'll have to buy the magazine to read the hands-on and view the new screenshots in all their glory. If you can't pick up the magazine at your local newsagent / magazine store, then you may buy it online (just google 'PC Gamer Magazine').

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Rooted_Dust4166d ago

I know these screens aren't much, but they really give you a feel for the atmosphere in the game. The second image may apear to be a concept drawing, but it has been confirmed that it is an in-game screenshot.

gta_cb4165d ago

yeh would have been better if they where bigger, when does this game release?

id dot entity4165d ago

Well I'm waiting for the official screens of the mothership. Because that's the only way I will see it the next 2 years.

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