Q&A: Insomniac's Schneider On Marketing Resistance

Gamasutra caught up with Insomniac's marketing director Ryan Schneider at the recent MI6 Conference. The company's spokesperson was obviously in a relatively ebullient mood, following Resistance: Fall Of Man's emergence as the standout title for the PlayStation 3's launch.

But how do you explain to users that the same folks who make the relatively cuddly Ratchet & Clank series can make the move to a gritty action shooter? And what's the state of the company and its messaging after Resistance: Fall Of Man's launch and before Ratchet & Clank Future's launch? Gamasutra asked, and Schneider answered - with a possible hint at PS3 downloadable games for Insomniac to end?

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timmyp534288d ago

europe had so some good ads for RFOM

timmyp534288d ago

europe had so some good ads for RFOM

freeza4288d ago

good interview but i hate when they ask about sales all the time

Robotz Rule4288d ago

It's one of my all-time favorite games!

I love Insomniac!

I can't wait for R&C:TOD!