God of War III Demo is Spotted in the Wild

PlayStation Lifestyle writes, "A a Facebook friend of PlayStation LifeStyle, Serhat O., sent us a photo of what appears to be God of War III on their PlayStation 3. The official demo release is weeks away at the earliest which raises some eyebrows of how this demo got into this lucky persons hands, but the proof is in the picture."

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WildArmed5083d ago

nice screenshot o_o lol
It might be legit or it might just be a pic he loaded onto his ps3 n took a screenie..
Either way.. its not in my hands so ... im jealous D:<

Lifewish5083d ago

Yea no telling yet whether it's real or not but if it is then I am jealous

RKRigney5083d ago

that's pretty early for a demo

Marceles5083d ago

Couldn't this also be from the E3 demo of the game when the dev did a quick playthrough? lol I'm gonna download the video now from the store just to see

Marceles5083d ago

After playing the first Uncharted beta to the full retail game, I wouldn't be surprised if GoW's graphics get even better

Fishy Fingers5083d ago (Edited 5083d ago )

Of course the retail build will be better than the demo, it's the E3 build which is probably over 6 months old, so basically there's going to be nearly 12 months more work and polish put into it.

Check out the volumetric smoke/cloud effects coming from the back of the chariot, amazing.

Tony999Montana5083d ago

I'll be playing this on Tuesday at the Eurogamer expo in Leeds :D

cyberwaffles5083d ago

if it's real, then thats great. i'm not expecting to be blown away from the demo though. i learned that sometimes smart devs will show the most laid back portions of a game to not overexcite or overestimate the game.

i remember when everyone thought that mgs4 was only going to take place in the middle east because of all the gameplay footage revealed before release, and look at the final product now. it goes from the middle east to shadow moses.

with that in my mind, i don't think anyone should be blown away by the god of war 3 demo, it's most likely going to be the same segments from the E3 demo. the full game is going to blow minds however.

mistajeff5083d ago


SWEET JESUS the shot of the helios head rip in that first video is INSANE. I can't believe how much better that looks than the already amazing E3 bit.

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DoucheVader5083d ago

Yeah it was fun to play at E3. :)

CryWolf5083d ago (Edited 5083d ago )

Yo when is the God Of War 3 demo coming out on the Playstation Store cause I want to play it too.

dopeboimagic925083d ago

The E3 2009 demo is included with the God of War Collection for PS3 which is coming out next month on November 17th I believe.

silverbeld5083d ago

Cant wait for it any longer!

I want to kill some!

Give me war!

Give me some giants I will slay them all!

Anorexorcist5083d ago

I want to pop some freaking cyclops' eyeballs out with the utmost prejudice and evisceration!!!!

Fishy Fingers5083d ago

Is there another way to get the demo other than the GOW collection? Because his blue light isnt indicating a disc is in the dirve.

GamerSciz5083d ago

Agreed. I say (like the 1st poster did) that this is just a screenshot and it's his background. Until I see a video of it running out of someone's household, I won't believe that they have it in their hands. If I were playstationlifestyle I would call him out and say give us a quick 5 second video of you pressing start and it loading up and showing 2 seconds of gameplay. Until then, I don't believe it. Sorry.

danthegardner5083d ago

You get a voucher for the demo and download it.

Fishy Fingers5083d ago

Ah yeah, that's right. The collection still requires you to download the demo, so technically, no disc needed.

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