Samsung says Sony will fail to deliver OLED TV

Samsung has stated that it does not believe Sony will be able to deliver on its promise to begin consumer sales of OLED screens this year. The Japanese brand has caused rivals to accelerate thier plans for OLED screen development, after pledging that it will begin sales of eleven-inch OLED monitors before the end of the year. Organic Light Emitting Diode technology allows high resolution displays to be created from wafer-thin panels. As OLED screens are self-illuminating there is no need for an LCD-style backlight.
Yoo Eui-jin, vice president and chief of Samsung SDI's OLED team, said "I hope Sony will really do it, but considering circumstances, I doubt they will be able to start selling it this year. Maybe it would be possible for them to make a hundred or a thousand units as artifacts, but no more than that."
Samsung is currently pushing ahead with plans to introduce AM (Active Matrix) OLED screens for mobile phones and portable devices, rather than TV.
Sasmung SDI claims to have developed the world's thinnest 2.2-inch AM-OLED. Measuring just 0.53 millimeters thick, the company says that it is lighter, brighter and more energy-efficient than LCD. Mass-production of the tiny panel is expected to begin this summer. However, for OLED to really move forward, panel makers have to improve yield efficiency. Samsung admits that only four out of ten AM-OLED panels are currently suitable for use.

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