IncGamers: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Review [DS]

IncGamers' Tim McDonald takes on Nintendo's new Mario RPG for the DS.

From the review:

"I'm consistently amazed at the lack of penetration the Mario RPGs seem to have. The first was Super Mario RPG on the SNES, which was Squaresoft, and was highly acclaimed. The second, Paper Mario, was on the N64 so it's not entirely surprising that didn't do wonderfully. Since then, we've had a Game Boy Advance title, a Gamecube title, a Wii title, and – with Bowser's Inside Story – two DS titles. It's a well-received series, but not one that's spoken about in the same hushed tones as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest."

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Maticus4261d ago

I just see Mario as being for kids, doesn't appeal to me at all.

Leord4261d ago

Really, that's unusual... How old are you anyway?

Dorjan4261d ago

The game play is good but the story is indeed for kids.

Cogo4261d ago


You're just saying that to provoke a response... Everyone loves Mario!

Maticus4261d ago

Nah I meant it :P

I can tolerate Mario Kart and its follow-ups, but the others bore me to tears.

And I'm over 25, that's all I'm saying!

TheBand1t4261d ago

I'm 19 and still love (most) Mario games. Still go to to play some Super Mario Brothers.

jav09184261d ago

This game is great. It deserves every good score it got. I have been playing the game for a while now got lots of hours on it. It really keeps me occupied and there is humor in it too. Small things that luigi does that makes you laugh.

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Leord4261d ago

I saw an interview recently where Mr M basically said they wanted LESS immersiveness and story in the RPGs. Could that be why?

jagstatboy4261d ago

I'm 42 and I still think Mario is the's THE reason I own a Wii and my PS3 for the 1080p stuff.