Brand New Grand Theft Auto: IV Screens Released

Rockstar Games has today released four brand new Grand Theft Auto: IV sreenshots. Rockstar has also released all the screens you may have seen in various scanned articles from magazines. You can see the new screens in the story image section below.

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SlaughterMeister6213d ago

Look at all the cars on screen at once, that's awesome.

I hope they don't drive at impossible speeds and ram you while driving a Ferrari like in San Andreas.

gta_cb6212d ago

if your talking about things going invisible when your driving fast, i thought it was fantastic. =D

Coffin876213d ago

my no 1 most wanted game until the day it releases.


r* are the gods of video gaming.

gta_cb6212d ago

completely agree, since the day i played GTA (PS1 original version) i have thought it was the best series (thus my name hehe) and hope they never stop releasing them.

Imagen what GTA will be like on the Xbox 720 (?) or PS4! =D

Maldread6213d ago (Edited 6213d ago )

I can`t believe anyone complained about the graphics of GTA4, when the trailer was out. I`m just a bit worried how it`ll run fps wise, with all this stuff around.

Should be one of the games of 2007 anyway though

clownfacemcgee6212d ago

I thought it looked fantastic when they released the trailer, but now some of the pictures look pretty good and some just look cartoony like in Crackdown. The cars don't look that good really, and I'm a tad bit disappointed. All I have to say is that it better have a good online mode or I'm not planning on buying it.

sa_nick6213d ago

Until now i thought the graphics on GTAIV were awesome. But looking closely at a few of those pics im not so sure. Niko's face looks so face, and his skin looks really off. I never noticed it b4 so maybe its just these photos lookin weird... anyone else see it?

I dont own a next gen console yet, but the day this game gets released in Australia im buying myself a PS3.

Juevani6213d ago

at first I didnt like the game, but now I just started gettin the old feeling back, u know when u wanna go and run everybody or shout out the place *lol* hahaha.. come to ur pappa...

gta_cb6212d ago

just another thing that makes GTA series GREAT! =)