Will the new firmware update save the PS3?

The latest firmware update transforms the PS3's media capabilities by adding great features – but will it be enough to spur sales without a price cut?

Given the PS3's technical superiority, and the filling of some important digital media gaps with the launch of the latest firmware update, the PS3 has all the technical smarts to beat the competition.

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Violater5183d ago

The answer to that will be the same as the answer to, "Will the never ending supply useless articles come to an end"?

XxZxX5183d ago

The blog even use nexgenwars as argument.

OC_MurphysLaw5183d ago

Software...more specifically game software is the only thing the PS3 needs at the moment. You can give it 50 firmware updates and that is not going to spur the consumer to buy it....cause firmware updates just aren't sexy. Great games are .... enough said.

consolecrusader5183d ago

1 - PS doesn't need saving

2 - I can certainly see PS2 sales especially greatest this sky rocketting because of upscaling

THE_JUDGE5183d ago

The PS3 does NOT need to be saved!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.