Jack Thompson: Halo 3 - Spong Check Facts

Spong takes the last missive from Florida-based opinion-former, John Bruce Thompson, and look at the facts. This time Mr T writes to Bill Gates - chairman of Microsoft - regarding Halo 3. Paragraph after paragraph is riddled with misquote and false citation.

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Black Republican4753d ago

Bill to Thompson.

"Thanks for your concern here is a coupon and you can get $10 off halo 3 for your kids. Oh by the way dont mind those assasins I hired to put a bullet in your a5s"


J.T. is a retard.

The BS Police4753d ago

No, Microsoft won't send assasins... Bungie will send Ninjas after Jack, lol.

GameJunkieJim4753d ago

My Ninja sense is tingling.

gta_cb4752d ago

lol nice comments, hmmm.... yeh ninjas would be best.

sticky doja4753d ago

The fact that he is a lawyer baffles me. How did he pass his bars?

Eclipticus4753d ago

i saw this a couple days ago of destructiozoid or something like that... its very interesting... I am interested in the recourse Gates will take i hope its a long deep laugh followed quickly by his pirannha type lawyers. that would be funny. well not funny for Jackie boy. but who really cares about him. 2live crew is still dirty as they wanna be.

Balance4753d ago

if i were bill gates i would send his family a free copy of halo 3 when it comes out. or even better find thompson's kids friends and give them all 360s and halo 3 because you know his kids would be over at their house playing it.

Eclipticus4753d ago

from what i read. his son is in Hs and pretty much hated by everyone else.

Saint Sony4753d ago

Jack Thompson does not know where he just dipped his d!ck into.

If this goes through it only means that several million dads/big brothers/sisters/mothers/neigh bours will have to do the Halo3 shopping instead of all the below 17y kids. :P

gta_cb4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

yep, as we know the game will still be sold even if the parents have to buy it instead of the kids/ teens

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The story is too old to be commented.