In-Depth Upscaling Comparison

Gameswank have provided a very good upscaling comparison for the PS3, using roll-over for the images. This is the definitive upscaling comparison.

With the PS3 1.80 firmware update, one long awaited feature has finally arrived: the ability to upscale PS1, PS2 games, and DVD's. This now places the PS3 right at the top of HD players. With this feature nothing is holding back the PS3 from being the ultimate Blu-ray player; but also from making our much loved classic games look better than ever before.

Follow the link for the images, the results are quite dramatic.

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techie4580d ago

I think this is better than the forum all the images are there with roll-over to see the difference. :)

closedxxx4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

And this is just a beautiful thing. Those screengrab comparisons are very telling. That's quite a difference.
The PS3 is just getting all kinds of firmware shoved up it's wahoo. If Blu Ray ends up winning this ridiculous format war, the PS3 is hands-down the way to go for a Blu ray player.
And rumor has it they will be making some games for it too!

DrWan4580d ago

is the color ajustable?? solid snake is smoother but the color is duller,did u guys notice?? anyway to adjust that or no

sticky doja4580d ago

Some of the upscaling makes the games look better, and then again some of them just seem to make the games look blurry. This could be due to differences in the quality of the pictures taken but I really feel some of them look a little worse. Is there an option to turn off the upscaling if I was playing a game and didn't like the way it made it look?

LSDARBY4580d ago

Yeah you can turn it off under game settings. But not whilst playing a game. If we had in-game XMB you probably would be able to. Im looking at you Sony

techie4580d ago

the first images have smoothing turned on....latter JUST the upscaling.

closedxxx4580d ago

And let's hope that SONY pushes a firmware update that will enable an in-game XMB, much like the Xbox360s in-game dashboard acccess side menu

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fenderputty4580d ago

Some are more drastic then others but, all the upscales look good. Gran Turismo looks awesome.

DrWan4580d ago

GT4 image was still pretty amazing with color quality intact.

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The story is too old to be commented.