IGN Staffer: New Nintendo game will "shock" you

"Rumor: An apparent IGN employee has been claiming he knows what the new Nintendo game is that is to be announced soon. Going by the name GodIsSatan on the IGN Boards he states that it is not a new Mario game referred to by Charles Martinet. This new game is rumored to be from an established franchise and not a new IP."

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ndpad5378d ago (Edited 5378d ago )

I'm hoping for a new StarFox,but won't hold my breathe on anything.

akashifire5378d ago

Yeah, I'm betting it's StarFox. The thing that hasn't been unveiled is probably multiplayer and/or co-op.

starvinbull5378d ago

Has to be something that hasn't had an N64 or Gamecube release. I totally don't know.

Maybe a Wii version of Homebound.

Noctis Aftermath5378d ago

A game where pikachu is the main character imo.

kunit22c5378d ago

heres new info


and after reading that I seriously think Ice Climber...

Goomba125378d ago

Bozon has just stated that the game is now already overhyped hahah

RockmanII75377d ago

People have been demanding it since Brawl

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Yoshiii5378d ago

guy says not a game anyone asked for. boo

nirwanda5378d ago

stealing gokarts, picking in a leather clad peach from a street corner, selling power up mushies to make money, count me in.

nveenio5378d ago

They'd have to call it, "Grand Do-You-Mind-If-I-Borrow-This-F or-A-Moment-Even-Though-It-Migh t-Get-Blown-Up Auto".

Senden5378d ago

That's funny.. nintendo have shocked me ever since the wii release.. with their sales. They then shocked me with the popularity of wii fit and the stupidity of some country's population. Now, I doubt nothing will shock me from nintendy.