Play Classic Amiga Titles on Your PC

Vulcan Software Limited and Amiga, Inc. announce the launch and availability of Vulcan Software titles for Windows PCs via the new Amiga Classic Game Player.

"With the new Amiga Classic Game Player a customer need only to select the game they want to play, download it to their computer, install, click and play. It is seamless fun, and reminds everyone of why we started using computers for gaming to begin with.

Amiga will continue to offer new titles and other Amiga Classic offerings, from the 80's through the 90's, and will offer these great titles initially for the PC and then will begin to expand other devices."

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InMyOpinion4584d ago

I would like to see this on Xbox Live! I think it would pay off more if they offered it there.

TnS4584d ago

"initially for the PC and then will begin to expand other devices."
There is a chance. :)

Excalibur4584d ago

I packed up the old Amiga and put it
i have well over 2000 games for it.

sak5004584d ago

Wow i played on amiga500 till it died of virus related illness. I still have UAE the actual amiga emulator saved somewhere with most games and actually works like an amiga500 with kikstart rom and workbench disks.

4584d ago