Haze: Ubi Days: Gameplay Footage

This is the same Haze gameplay that Playsyde posted yesterday but now in good quality (720p). Hit the video link below for the HD version.

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lil bush4580d ago

so is this running on the ps3, if so than that good........

MK_Red4580d ago

Not really impressive but the smoke effects really REALLY good.

CompGeek4580d ago

Wow, I'll tell you right now that's the PC version.

Rybnik4580d ago

Wrong. It was demo on ps3

CrazzyMan4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

nice graphics.
looking pretty good for first year ps3 game. =)

and still it`s a multiplatform, so that could also mean, that they had to reduce some visuals, that it would be easier to port for another platforms, while Killzone 2 is 100% exclusive and is creating with no other platforms in mind, and developers are not bothered, that they will have to do THAT and on pc/x360, just like MGS4. Good. =)

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