Wii holographic projector spotted in illusory Ubisoft trailer

Ubisoft seems to be having some fun in this closing segment of its "Games For Everyone" trailer -- perhaps at the expense of the ardent fanboy -- by featuring a Pinocchio-esque hologram manipulated by Wiimotes (or controllers that certainly imply "Wii Remote"). Despite 'the final secret' being shot down just before Wii's launch, hope remains and memories linger, if merely in the form of a spoofing advertisement that plays on Miyamoto's cryptic vision: "I've always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that."

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PS360WII4753d ago

Yeah I'm sure that's just advertising for Ubisoft and not gaming nothing more than that

Blasphemy4753d ago

Im not so sure about that.

PS360WII4753d ago

well I'm all for if they do it. Just hope it doesn't cost 400 bucks or something.