Microsoft Talks Sales, Accessory Pricing, and Responds to Pachter's LIVE Prediction

"We've been beating the drum on this for a long time, that you have to look at more than just the number of consoles or games that are shipped," Microsoft spokesperson David Dennis said during a sales call which followed the results. "If you look at the full ecosystem, we have $404 million consumer dollars spent. That's over $100 million more than Sony and roughly $120 million more than Nintendo. It shows the high level of engagement of consumers on the platform."

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Ron_Burgundy3986d ago

what else are they gonna say??? they're not gonna talk about AAA games on there fail system right? M$, always about me me me me and me, what about the consumer???

PeptoBismol3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

you complain about bots, yet do the same thing they do.

EDIT: thanks for the disagrees. very mature

chrisulloa3986d ago

Did you read the article? No of course you didn't you're probably illiterate like the rest of the PS3tards on this website and you only read the title. Microsoft spends more money on their consumer than Sony and Nintendo. The money we give them gets us exclusive releases, demos, DLCs, etc. So putting your dollar sign in "MS" doesn't make any sense. More like $ony for hoarding their money and giving you crappy games like Haze.

Isaac3986d ago

"Microsoft spends more money on their consumer than Sony and Nintendo. "


Yeah, on advertising.

"The money we give them gets us exclusive releases, demos, DLCs, etc. "

Stupid lemming. You mean timed exclusives, right?

chrisulloa3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Oh kid, you're so ignorant. Maybe when you grow a hair on your chin you'll finally realize that PS3 is lacking good games. Go ahead, AAA station, whatever. Go ahead and count, we've got more and better exclusives than you.

4 Sony exclusives with a metascore higher than 90.
7 Microsoft exclusives with a metascore higher than 90.

Hell, even our multi-plats get higher ratings.

94 Bioshock PS3 < 96 Bioshock Xbox
89 Orange Box PS3 < 96 Orange Box 360
93 Fallout 3 360 > 90 Fallout 3 PS3

It goes on and on and on.

champ213986d ago

bioshock wasnt an xbox exclusive.. it was there on the pc as well
orange box was more of a pc game then a console game
again fallout 3 was better on the pc then any of the consoles and it wasnt an xbox exclusive.

lol chris..

exclusives are games which are specially developed for that platform.. and so far id say sony is easily outdoing microsoft on that front.

i aint a console gamer so i dont own any of those boxes so i call it like it is.

sony's got

killzone (imo probably the best looking console game)
rachel and clank (if thats how you spell it)
many more i probably am missing

it shows sony is spending on developing such great games.

whats microsoft got.. asides from PC stolen games?

let me lay it out for ya

Gaylo series (which has been essentially the same since the 1st game)
gears of war (played that on the pc.. its much better looking then the 360 version plays better too.. i quit playing after 30mins.. cause its soo repetitve).

imo 360 doesnt have any good exclusives.

chrisulloa3986d ago

Stolen PC games? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't these games run on Windows? Owned by Microsoft. Also, not everyone has a gaming PC. More people own consoles, than PC's and these games are CONSOLE EXCLUSIVES. So as far as I'm concerned they're not on PS3.

TheDynamo3986d ago

When the console numbers are in Microsoft's favor, they shout the results to the rafters.

When they're not, it's all about the accessories.

This so-called "Console War" is getting pretty pathetic.

I prefer my XBOX360 over my PS3, but I have to applaud Sony for the month of September.

Why can't Microsoft do the same?

Guitarded3985d ago

Microsoft learned a lot from Sony and the PS2.
#1 You can sell crap hardware if you've got the games.
#2 Accessories are good. PS2 hard drive, network adaptor.
#3 The average consumer is clueless.

The only difference is when Microsoft does these things they are labeled as evil, when Sony does them they are called gods.

This site is a joke that nobody gets!

slayorofgods3985d ago

#1 Sony doesn't make crap hardware. They have created quality technology that doesn't break down shortly after you purchase it long before they got into the gaming department.

#2 "Optional" accessories are good. Hidden fee's are bad.

#3 The average consumer is clueless. True, some people are still in denial that Halo ODST is an overpriced expansion pack. I'm sure they have buyers remorse and future Halo sales will suffer in return.

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James Bond3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

In short...

"We love money. And you stupid idiots will buy anything from us. HAHAHAHA! You even bought our console that was never tested for malfunctions. But don't worry, you buying our overpriced pieces of sh!t will help repair your boxes.... that is until your warranty runs out and you have to buy our crap console again. HAHAHAHA!

Kalowest3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

The only thing i find overpriced is the HDD, and there a software company first, hardware second. MS is trying to rebuild its brandname

Megaton3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Edit - Screw it, not gonna get into this. Mods can delete my post.

HolyOrangeCows3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

It's true. Microsoft has some awful PR.

"It's 4.1 for us, 2.2 for PS3, and 3.4 for the Wii"
NOTICE: This doesn't include the accessories that ACTUALLY COME WITH THE SYSTEM.

Xbox 360
HDD: $100
Wireless: $100
Online Play: $50
Plug-and-play: $20
Headset: Included

HDD: Included
Wireless: Included
Online Play: Free
Plug-and-play: Built In
Headset: $30+

So, for...
360: I need to go out and buy 3 accessories, at least.
PS3: 1
Wii: 1 (Motion Plus)

DAVID BRENT3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

where the hell is my


freaking hell wheres my online shouldnt be proud in ripping consumers off microsoft

Fat Bastard3986d ago

Well of course the 360 sells more accessories than the PS3. It doesn't have things like built in wi-fi and doesn't come with rechargeable batteries. It sells more accessories because it comes with less. Not something to be proud of.

And as far as this comment he made goes, "I've seen with multiplatform games, people generally think the Xbox 360 games look better." He's living in his little fantasy land and can't admit that there are numerous games on PS3 that outshine anything available on 360 right now. And I don't even need to list them, everyone knows what they are.

Basically I see excuses for being outsold in the one territory that Microsoft has been successful in: North America.

JoySticksFTW3986d ago

"Our accessory attach rate is higher than anyone's"

Maybe because the other systems are complete?

And this...

"A lot of the price comparisons you hear have to do with the hard drive, but your average off-the-shelf PC hard drive isn't as exhaustively tested or run through the same quality and safety compliance checklists we employ."


And lastly this...

"With that said, Dennis feels the results speak for themselves, thus justifying the pricing decisions: "The fact that people continue to purchase our accessories over a lot of third-party alternatives in many instances shows that people do gravitate toward the ones they know they can trust.""

Don't people buy MS's accessories like the hard drive, because other hdd don't work unless you mod the damn thing? Please correct if I'm wrong...

I get it... I know it's all pr talk, but damn... sometimes you wish companies wouldn't try to insult our intelligence.

I bought an arcade 360 knowing full well that I'd have to buy an MS hdd and pay near top dollar for it. For my PS3, I bought 160gb for cheap money - I got to shop around for the best deal and manufacturer.

You got our money, MS. Shut up and put some of that $404 million consumer dollars that you're bragging about and produce some games that aren't Halo and aren't scaled back like Alan Wake.

I said it... I got my hopes up for that game and all of their promises of open world blah blah. Now it's linear for direction and story purposes?

Yet Sony and GG get laughed at for the KZ2 target video and the game comes out better.

UC2 comes out better than anyone expected...

Infamous comes out of nowhere and was an early GOTY contender until UC2 dropped...

Demon's Souls comes out of nowhere and slaps everyone...

See the trend?

I'll be the first to say that Sony is the king of over promise and under deliver / late delivery. Not this year...

And not next year either from the way things are shaping up.

MS needs to shut their mouths - along with their game studios - and just make the games that helped them compete the first part of this generation. Stop acting scared.

$60 Halo expansions...

Well, at least ME2 is coming. Bioware won't disappoint :)

Elvfam5113986d ago

"I don't foresee a scenario where we're going to double the price of LIVE anytime in the next couple months."

Good luck a year from now Xbox 360 Live users

Get ready for the ultimate rape of Live pricing He deny couple of months and not forever

beardpapa3986d ago

it's because people like getting nickle and dimed.

hay3986d ago

I know it's a PR BS but...

"you have to look at more than just the number of consoles or games that are shipped"

Does that mean their numbers are units shipped not sold? It's hypothetical so please fanboys, buzz off.

starvinbull3986d ago

His defence of accessory prices was ludicrous in that he stated reliabilty was a major reason.

360 = reliability?

thesummerofgeorge3986d ago

for every console they're selling, it's costing their customers a whole lot more in accessories/peripherals etc. than the competition. Basically their saying look how much money we're making off you guys by selling you a money pit, a gimped product right out of the box that requires more of your hard earned cash to get the full experience.

Syronicus3986d ago

Is simply pathetic. If they would include all of them like Sony does in the first place, they might have made more smiles but instead they made more dollars and have shown the consumer that they are willing to do just about anything to dig into our pockets. Microsoft is truly Microshaft.

TotalPS3Fanboy3986d ago

LOL. Microsoft is just pathetic.

ThanatosDMC3985d ago

Well, they do pay him for his PR BS.

sikbeta3985d ago

The worst thing about this, xbox fanboys will defend this guy -_-

Ausbo3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

yeah cuz sony includes all of their accessories like the hdmi cable and headset. With my 360 i got an hdmi cable headset and even an extra controller

Edit: and no i don't defend microsoft, because they do rip us off.

zeeshan3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Kids, if you don't want to have other people make fun of you, do the opposite of what this guy is doing in his interview. Looks like M$ is inviting heavy critisim! I mean FOR THE LOVE OF GOOODD!! He is saying they check their accessories like HDD but what the f*** about the most important thing of all. The god [email protected] console itself! Some say 33%, some report 27% and some even report as high as 54%, the XBOX360 fails the most! The dreaded RROD is STILL not over and it continues to be in the back of my head every time I turn on the machine. That's why I love Sony. Their hardware is superior not just in specs but also in pure quality. It runs smooth and is dead silent while when I run my Jasper Xbox360, it feels as if I am playing a vacuum cleaner! That guy has GOT to be f**ng joking when he says they test their products.

morganfell3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

So microsoft believes that money spent destroying and splitting up development studios = money spent on the consumer? Sony has more development houses than Nintendo and MS combined. That's money spent on the consumer.

JoySticksFTW3985d ago

hdmi cables can be found for real cheap if people take a quick second to look... sells gold-plated 6' hdmi cables for pocket change. Seriously...

And half that amount if you only need a 3ft or 1.5 ft length hdmi cable.

We're talking $2 to $4 USD

For that low money Sony could have included the hdmi cable, but when you're talking tens of millions worth of cables - it's smart business for them not to.

But Sony didn't leave the consumer absolutely screwed. If we can find it cheap enough, then we can buy it and use it with our systems.

That goes with all Sony accessories.

Heck, Warhawk came with a headset. Or you had the option of using any old headset (USB or Blue-tooth) that you had lying around or you could get your hands on. Convenience...

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itchy183986d ago

sorry about the link. link fixed. i was submitting two stories a while ago. lol

Bumpmapping3986d ago

Sorry M$ you lost 2009 and you have no chance in hell in 2010 better luck next gen!