EndWar beta test in November

Tom Clancy's EndWar will be publicly beta-tested later this year, judging by comments made by creative director Michael de Plater in an interview with Eurogamer.

"We really believe that as soon as anyone can get their hands on the controls and experience it, it'll be something new and it's a level of immersion and realism and accessibility that's never really been in a strategy game," he said during Ubisoft's Parisian showcase yesterday.

"We're really focusing on getting our beta-test out for November."

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closedxxx4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

RTS, just not my thing.
I would like to see them innovate a bit with this genre.
Slapping some nice visuals over the same old game mechanic we've been using since... Well, for a long, long time.
How about a more interactive experience that isnt' all about multitasking the sh*t out of your team.
Maybe something that combines some real-time combat elements once you've given a directive.
What if you moved a squad of soldiers over to take out a manufacturing plant, and the camera zooms in to an over-the-shoulder view, or a first-person perspective where you get to actively combat and evade to have a little more say in the outcome instead of letting the HP, and Damage rating duel it out mathematically and determine the outcome... I dunno, just brain stormin' here folks, just brain stormin'

BlackIceJoe4753d ago

I really like the idea of EndWar and hope the game can live up to the promise of what Ubisoft is saying will be great about this game.

That being said I hope that the beta test is open to any one over a select few.

gta_cb4753d ago

i wounder how this beta is gonna work... ya know with it being Xbox 360 and PS3

ASSASSYN 36o4753d ago

One could only wounder err wonder...why you missed the spell check button.

nobizlikesnowbiz4753d ago

Just in case you didn't read the story on this game, your brainstorming ideas are just about in line with what Ubisoft Shanghai has in store for us.

Expect to see a RTS with smart units, you command entire groups of units that think and act on their own. You are just the general specifying the objectives and whatnot. Also, in the article I read it also pointed out that it won't be a traditional "eyes-over-top-of-the battlefield" RTS, but more looking from the actual vantage points of the units you are commanding so that you can get a good sense of their field of view, obstructions, potential cover, etc.

Don't be surprised to see over 1000 active units on screen either. Wowies sounds amazing to me. Can't wait to see more of this game.

ld_ruiz694715d ago

They will innovate and personally I think they will revolutionize the RTS genre. Why? Because of the full voice support meaning you only a need a mic/headset and you command your units by actually talking to them, plus, like one site said (I dont remember which one) its RTS a la Madden, a la Madden cause you Madden you are always in the action and not viewing everything from a mile away in the shy