Tap Tap Revenge vs Rock Band (part 2)

"So, Rock Band has been out for iPhone for less than 5 minutes compared to the time that Tap Tap has been available, but which is better? Well, lets start with the newly released app by EA. Rock Band has been a big hit everywhere, competing with Guitar Hero. But now it's here for iPhone/iPod Touch. But the question is, is it any good? Tap Tap has been around for longer than some you think. (Man, I loved those 1.1.2 days…) It's always been a hit and has slowly improved over the years."

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D4RkNIKON5329d ago

I bought Rock Band and I love it. It is the perfect time killer when you have nothing to do for a few minutes.


Invincible: Guarding the Globe Review - Hardcore Droid

Ubisoft’s Invincible: Guarding the Globe does little to differentiate itself from other mediocre gacha games.

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1d 11h ago

Star Wars Hunters Gets Official Global Release Date on Mobile

Developer Zynga has confirmed that Star Wars Hunters will launch globally for Android and iOS devices on June 4, 2024.

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Sony Developing PlayStation Mobile Platform

Sony's bold step into the mobile gaming world as they developing a new PlayStation Mobile Platform for free-to-play games.

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gold_drake2d ago

if they make their mobile games playable on ps5 and their maybe new handheld, that would be huge. cause i aint playing any free games on my phone, cause mobile games suck. haha.

Retro19861d 7h ago

I like mobile games, but the problem for me is that «free games» usually has alot of p2w or other microtransaction connected to them. LoL, Hearthstone, civ, fm etc is great on iPad 😊 Would love to see rise of kingdoms etc Get rid of p2w formula.

Guitardr851d 2h ago

Does anyone remember PS MInis from the PS3 era? I feel like most of those were mobile games that were ported...No reason they couldn't do that again I suppose. :)

gold_drake1d 1h ago

yeeeess i had some of them haha

P_Bomb19h ago

Ha, I remember those! They didn’t have trophies so I’ve lost track of most of them, but I remember Hysteria Project and Angry Birds.

piher21h ago

I feel like people don't understand what mobile gaming is anymore.

It's not the button phone cheap Tetris clones or movie licensed stuff anymore.

Mobile gaming is huge games like Genshin Impact Honkai: Star Rail, Wuthering Waves, Amazon and Bandai/Namco's Blue Protocol games with budgets that rival and even exceed AAA, but even things like CoD and other big western games have mobile versions.

All the games listed also have PC and console versions.

Sony already owns several big mobile games most famously Fate/Grand Order.

gold_drake13h ago

i feel like you are overblowing what other ppl have said ha.

most mobiles are still very much your gatcha style of gaming.

the games u listed, absolutely, but that wasnt even my comment. mobile games, if they are not on anything else, sucks. so to have them on a handheld with buttons or on a console to, would be a win for me

Philaroni1d 7h ago

I'm going to say this and ether A: I'm crazy or B: I'm crazy, but do any of you remember when Sony years back had the Xperia Play. Touched one never got it myself. If Sony is looking for a handheld (Look at Apple with the games it can run on there own devices) I wonder if maybe, just maybe they try to make a play for the Phone space again. Just my 2 cents, well with inflations I guess my 2 dimes.

Kurisu1d 7h ago

Make an Xperia Play 2 that actually has functionality with the PS5 and I might bite! Loved the Xperia Play, showing off Crash Bandicoot on it was great but that's the only game I had for it.

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