PS3 AVI Transcoding on the fly

Got a PC full of AVI's just waiting for the right application to appear that would allow you to play them in all there glory on your living room TV? Looks like with the recent 1.80FW update and a copy of Nero Home or Nero V7.0 you to can be enjoying all your videos today..Updating as we learn more.. Video Proof included.

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nix4753d ago

if this works that is... good luck guys! q:

Bathyj4753d ago

Just release the codecs already.

I dont want to stream from my PC, I might as well just play on my PC through my TV. I want to put all my avi's on a 500GB external HD and just keep it plugged in to my PS3 like a big fat memory card.

dauden4753d ago

Can't you just stream your stuff from the external drive while it is connected to da computa?

gta_cb4753d ago

i feel the same way about my Xbox 360.

hfaze4753d ago

I agree that it would be VERY nice to just have the codecs natively on the PS3, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Now, if only they would release the DivX, XVid, and MKV codecs in the 2.0 update, I would be in heaven...

gameforall4753d ago

I have Nero 7 Ultra Edition, which has Nero MediaHome
(Nero 7 Ultra Edition/Share/Nero MediaHome)

Start it
Select a Shared Dir
Left all settings as is
Click Start Server
Check my PS3 and along with Windows Media was Nero MediaHome and all my avi files

bdwins4753d ago

TVersity, I havent had time to test it out but looks like its a good step in the right direction for those wanting to steam media.