Loot Ninja's PS3 Firmware Update v1.80 Impressions

The PlayStation servers have been getting hammered all morning, as it took unusually long to download this firmware update. There's some new menu options now to help with the new features, which are fully detailed in the article.

There is also now at least one new option added under Photo, Music, and Video. The first is Search for Media Servers, which will browse your LAN for any streaming servers. The others will be icons for any Media Servers detected on your network. The media streaming is quick and easy, with Windows Media Player working as the server.

Loot Ninja says the upscaling feature is terrific as well, and DVDs look better than on the Xbox 360 Elite over HDMI at 1080p. As an extra bonus, all videos you downloaded from the PlayStation Store will now upscale to your maximum resolution. Videos that once showed at 720p are now running at 1080p on their HDTV. On the games avenue, it's like breathing new life into your old games. God of War looks fantastic in 1080p. Here's a bit more good news: the upscaling works on the PS1 Classics you download from the PlayStation Store.

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Violater4588d ago

Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial for streaming media from my PC to the PS3.
Thanks in advance

jahcure4588d ago

I am still trying to stream because it seems i don't have any compatable data.

Open up windows media player 11, go to tools, options.
then on that tabulated window, select library, then click the file sharing button on the top.

Select share my files then a blank windo will pop up and you select ok.

The PC will then detect the ps3 under an unknown device. I was able to confirm it was the ps3 because it had a MAC address that matched my ps3.

Select allow to share with that device and voila. PC files begin showing on the ps3.

ALL my mp3s work, pictures show up beautifully, but for some reason i can't get the vids yet. I may need to do some conversions, unless someone else has a idea.

bdwins4588d ago

I came across this free program. I havent been able to test it yet but it looks promising

Merovee4588d ago

1. Turn on your computer and update to Windows Media Player 11.

2. If you have not, go into network settings and use the Network wizard to set up a Home network. Most will be able to do so using the "connect through a residential gateway" option to go through the router.

3. Enter Windows Media Player

4. Right click on the Titilebar and go to Tools:Options, this will pull up a pop-up menue with lots of tabs.

5. Click the Library tab. Click the Sharing option box another popup comes up

6. Check the Share My Media To box and then click on settings next to it. In this section set up what you would like to share and be sure to check the allow new devices box at the bottom. Now "OK" bact to the first pop-up menu.

7. Enter the Monitor folders tab (right under "configure sharing" section you were just in) The window in this pane can be modified by clicking "add" and brows to add all folders you store media in (movies music pictures, ect)

Now when your PS3 searches for media servers your comp should show up, just click through and enjoy anything you want to :)

Marty83704588d ago

I would of thought as long as you have your PC connected to your home network the PS3 would find it.

The General4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

"Loot Ninja says the upscaling feature is terrific as well, and DVDs look better than on the Xbox 360 Elite over HDMI at 1080p."

What? This is a slap in the face of Microsoft. Wasn't the chip in the 360 suppose to make upscaling on the 360 better than the PS3's upscaling capability? But now the chip doesn't even matter because ps3's software and chip make it a more capable upscaling machine. Good job Sony.

And drunk pandas, show me an article that says that after Ps3 firmware update v1.80, the 360's general upscaling wins hands down.... Still waiting...

Now Back to Gears.

drunkpandas4588d ago

For general upscaling, the 360 wins hands down. For DVD playback, the edge goes to the PS3 because of the sub-par DVD playback on the Xbox 360. Microsoft could easily update the DVD playback software to make it better, but haven't done so.

achira4588d ago

the ps3 is the far superior console. what do you expect ? but it is also expensive! but i have one and i am happy! the best console ever!

techie4588d ago

ps3 doesn't upscale ps3 games

The General4588d ago

Deep - 3.3 -
"ps3 doesn't upscale ps3 games"

Are you serious? The PS3 doesn't upscale PS3 games? No, really?
(note the sarcasm)

Come on deep, your comment seems a little displaced. What does it have to do with anything we were talking about?

Anyways, this update will bring much joy to ps3 owners looking to enjoy a fresh experience with their ps2 and downloaded ps1 games. I know I'll be playing FFVII again just for the heck of it.

Anyways, back to Gears.

techie4588d ago

lol General calm it. Panda man was saying that in general the 360 is better at upscaling. Well if in general he means that its better at upscaling next-gen games, then he is right.

PS3 is now better at upscaling DVD's, PS1 and PS2 games - but it doesn't upscale ps3 games. (because it doesnt need to)

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RedSeven4588d ago

"Overall, I think this is a terrific update for the PS3. Because of the ease and speed of streaming, I will most likely use the PS3 as my new media center if I can get the file type issue working with Twonky Media. Otherwise, I’ll stick with the 360."

Come on Twonky Media! Get that file type issue working! lol

drunkpandas4588d ago

Twonky is still scanning all my files, so I'm waiting for that and I'll be able to tell

drunkpandas4588d ago

Twonky did not allow me to use most of my files. I'm attempting Nero now...

nix4588d ago

that could start another FANBOI WAR 34557398473747389. q:

drunkpandas4588d ago

Just stating opinions on the quality of the output. It's widely publicized that the Xbox 360's DVD playback quality isn't the best.

nix4588d ago

stop defending everything so desperately... i was only kiddin'. save your bubbles for bigger debate... q:

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