PSM: Sixaxis will rumble this year

The latest issue of PSM revives the PS3 Sixaxis rumble rumors, hinting once again that Sony could integrate the "last-gen feature" into upcoming controllers. According to the magazine's rumor section, Sony will announce rumble support at E3 for a release in mid-November. The re-designed controller will allow both tilting and rumble, united at long last thanks to the settled courtroom battle between Sony and Immersion.

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sajj3164752d ago

I can play my Metal Gear again with Psycho Mantis doing the controller thing .... oh man ... oh man ...

Weed4752d ago

Woot! we got's the rumble back!

PS360WII4752d ago

man that really is a twisted avatar

kewlkat0074752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

RUMBLE matters now...hehe

I'm glad SONY paid up..Can't believe some were saying "who needed rumble anyway?". It's like saying who needs "Trigger Buttons" ever since SNES Pad.

RUMBLE have always added something new to various types of games and will always be welcomed by me, personally.

alsef074752d ago

I see that sony ate their own words, funny,

MySwordIsHeavenly4752d ago

How bout you eat yours?

Sony said that the rumble in the PS2, 360, and Wii are last gen...
They NEVER said it wasn't needed!!!

That's why they're using Immersion's new type of rumble.

Maybe if I could get this through that thick skull of yours, you wouldn't hate Sony so much...


PS360WII4752d ago

Phil Harrison was quoted saying that rumble is last-gen. That was his answer to the question of why they didn't have rumble in the controler.

hfaze4752d ago

That wouldn't be like how Microsoft said that HDMI wasn't needed, then releases the 360 "Elite" now would it?

alsef074752d ago

Maybe you have start thinking before you write, we all know that they stated that rumble was so "last gen", and thats why am saying eating their words, so dont go all defensive on me grow up little weird fanboy

kewlkat0074752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

I know we can go back and fourth all day with "He did then She did" with both parties, but HDMI is new technology, while rumble has been around for a while.

So the reason why all the sudden it was missing from SONY, well we all know why. HDMI does add a price increase to any box. just as all the other gimmicks the Ps3 might have, where it won't be taken advantage of years from. Just as MS and HDMI.

Personally speaking, RUMBLE adds to the Entertainment factor much more than HDMI does, especially when some might not even own HDTV's for years, as least we can have RUMBLE now. Well Of course some have always had it.

Se I don't care that console makers come out with little advantages, as long as I can take advantage of it. If I can't, then I don't care for it much, just give me games.

Of course I rather not be "FORCED" to buy it, unless I have no choice. good thing there is COMPETITION.

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