Reminder: DualShockers MW2 Prestige Edition Giveaway

DualShocker writes:

"Just a reminder here, folks. DualShockers is giving away a free copy (duh!) of Modern Warfare 2 - Prestige Edition. Yes, this is the limited edition version of the game that comes with the night vision goggles. You'll be the envy of your block with these bad boys! We already have nearly 200 entries, why don't you join them for your chance to win the monster of all limited edition game packages? For more details and the specifics of what you have to do, head on over to the original post. The week is half over, so you better get on it! Tell your friends, too! You're probably wondering how many exclamation marks I can put in a single post, right? Too many! Damn, there I go again…

One more time - head over HERE for a chance to win!"

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4975d ago

that these NVG's will get me into a whole lot of trouble!

BROOKLYN N-M-E4975d ago

Do you know what's better than MW2 NVG's?

A) Free MW2 NVG's!

taz80804975d ago

Hope I can win this time around !

taz80804975d ago

Free has been and always be the best price to pay for something!

Chadness4975d ago

I'd look awesome driving at night with these on...

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