Sony swaps perspectives with Microsoft - Editorial writer Eric Blattberg gives us a deep look at the current "console war" between Microsoft and Sony. He also explains why Nintendo should not be singled out. Big thanks to Eric for allowing to publish his article.

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consolecrusader4582d ago

good article Eric, I would never count Nintendo out anywhere in world.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4582d ago

I have to give the writer credit, it was well balanced. Couple points I disagree with but for the most part nice read.

DrRage774582d ago

same here, i thought it was a well-written article with good points. it didn't scream of any biased towards one console or the other which is nice reading for a change :)

BrotherSic4582d ago

The editorial is disappointingly biased whilst only giving one side of the discussion.

Eternal Sonata is still an xbox exclusive, i will admit that it will probably come out on PS3 but there has been no official announcement.

Kane & Lynch was never announced as an exclusive, they just never said it was coming to the PS3 until recently.

also his recommendations do not take into account any responses from Microsoft. i.e. If the PS3 has a price drop earlier than Sony would like, MS will definitely drop their own prices as they are in a better business position.

When discussing a topic such as this, the author must consider both sides of the discussion instead of focusing on their console of choice.

calderra4582d ago

Also- looking at the consoles in their current state, maybe you can draw parallels... if you don't have any broader perspective whatsoever. When Xbox launched, NOBODY expected it would actually look like a leader in only its second iteration. Sony, on the absolutely opposite end, has virtually fallen off the face of the earth.

Oh, but just give PS3 more time.
Ten or twelve years from now, it's so going to dominate.

Silver3604581d ago

It seems that everyone assumes that the 360. Will never have a game that will blow people away again. That it is just a matter of time before the PS3 passes it and leaves it in the dust. I guess if you are the market leader you just get overlooked. And why does everyone assume that it is easy to roll out an online network? With all the cross game attributes that live has. People make a lot of assumptions.

RedSeven4582d ago

All I know is that for the consumer, a price drop anywhere would be nice and the competition is great. I get amazing new updates and amazing new games across all platforms.

closedxxx4582d ago

A price drop is much more feasable for Microsoft, we all know that, and Nintendo is already making a profit on the Wii hardware, but they have no reason to drop their price regardless of what MS or SONY do. So let's say SONY feels pressured into a price drop by declining sales. This would most certainly help sales of the console, but it may have a negative impact on developer cooperation. You don't want SONY to make a move that it cannot financially afford. Money is the driving force here, and if SONY is going broke, regardless of how great a deal we are all getting on the PS3, it's not good news for the future of the console.

sumfood4u4582d ago

I guess disc read problems happen on all systems!

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The story is too old to be commented.