LA Times Review: Uncharted 2 Among Thieves may be the year's best game

Because both hands are required for most video games, it's nearly impossible to eat popcorn while playing.

That causes a problem while experiencing the best game of the year (so far). You see, the movie-style action, white-knuckle excitement and robust visuals in Uncharted 2 Among Thieves would fit better on a big screen in some multiplex than on a TV at home.

Uncharted 2 is ridiculously immersive, so much so that you forget you are controlling the actions of treasure hunter Nathan Drake. From the seamless way the cutscreens hide the loading screens, to the ease of controls, to the story, everything is done right.

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renegade4221d ago

May not, It's the game of the year

GWAVE4221d ago

This year (and probably next year) belonged -- without question -- to the PS3.

We saw the highest-rated FPS (Killzone 2), highest-rated sports game (MLB:The Show), highest-rated sandbox game (inFamous), highest-rated console RPG (Demon's Souls), and the highest-rated third-person shooter (Uncharted 2) all come out as exclusives on one platform. Heck, you might as well add Ratchet and Clank: Crack in Time as the highest-rated platforming game of this year, since it will likely score quite high.

sikbeta4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

You resume all for me, I wanted to make a HUGE comment about how great PS3 games are but you did it all for me

Xbox Avatars Shoe4220d ago

It was the best Campaign I've ever played! That's saying a lot since I've been a hardcore gamer for about 15 years!

The mutiplayer is great too since it's a real MP experience instead of being tacked-on like in other games.

There's only three co-op mission levels though WTF?

Maddens Raiders4220d ago

"Uncharted 2 Among Thieves may be the year's best movie"

TotalPS3Fanboy4220d ago

64 Perfect Scores. Enough said already.

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rogimusprime4221d ago

game from start to finish. A must buy. Sadly, I am missing out on the multiplayer, as I have not been able to connect to one match yet. Seems like ND is punishing me for being in the beta :(

silverbeld4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

"its my game of the decade"

Thats a hard statement for me. But one of the best for sure!

sikbeta4221d ago

My game of the century /jk but is one of my favourites in my whole years of gaming experience

FiftyFourPointTwo4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

It IS this year's best game.

Sorry bots its the truth.

silverbeld4221d ago

Yep. GOTY2009.

This game brings new life to the game industry. The UC2 online is really addictive.
Lucky we still got N4G so i could take a break.

Lord_Ranos4221d ago

Along with Killzone 2, inFamous, Demons Soul, MLB The Show09, and all the PSN titles.

BOTS should just quit gaming.

itchy184221d ago

dude who's that girl in your avatar???

silverbeld4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

^^^ I thought she is a game reporter from some game site. Can't remember it but she looks familiar. And she is pretty too.

itchy184221d ago

i agree! she's the bomb!

Crazyglues4221d ago

This game is Awesome, I'm really enjoying it.. that's all that matters... are you enjoying it... And I'm loving it.

The Multi-player is awesome... the single player is Awesome, I'm actual going to play it again once I beat it because I know I missed some treasures and all the perks that unlock once you beat it on Crushing.

This has really been some serious gaming fun, I didn't really have any expectations, but having multi-player has really been Amazing (once you get into it, it's awesome) having as much fun as I was having playing COD4 - so that says a lot. (it's just been a lot of fun)

-hat's off to you Naughty Dog, the Game has been Awesome...


Isaac4221d ago

"- You right
THIS YEAR's best game. "

We know what you're implying. Don't worry dumb bot, it's also the best game released this gen, and it won't get toppled next year, that's for sure. Well, at least not by a 360 game, lmao.

Microsoft Xbox 3604221d ago

This game makes me the Xbox 360 look so primitive.

W831SOLIDSNAKE4220d ago

Eat that u smelly Bots!! Even the hot girls are on the PS3 or should we call it the Pimpstation 3 hehe I like that. XBOX 360 stands for X- eyed, Big,Obesse, X360 round fat ugly smelly girls that buy that crap!!

Forza 3 smells and sucks

TheTeam064220d ago

That's right. Just this year's best game. When have you ever heard of a game becoming the year's best game on the following year? It can't be 2010's best because it didn't launch then.

As for 2010.... I loooooove Uncharted 2, but make way for one of these three:

God of War III
Heavy Rain
And the 300lbs, gorilla, Gran Turismo 5

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The_Zeitgeist4221d ago

I just bought it yesterday and have to say that it is just simply amazing. PS3 now has it's Gears (but better) and its Halo (Killzone 2)I sure am glad I went with a PS3 over the 360 two years ago. The decision is finally paying off ten-fold.

Christopher_Walken4221d ago

Why are you even comparing it to /those/ games?

Foliage4221d ago

Uncharted 2 > Killzone 2 > Gears 1 (2 is crap) > Halo 3

And yes, Gears is better than Halo.

QuackPot4221d ago potentially a Halo not Killzone 2.

Insomniac just needs to copy ND and Bungie or ND needs to get their golden mits on Killzone 3.

OhNoez4221d ago

Hope you didnt get rid of 360, it still has a lot of good games.
And its best to have both systems

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MAGNUM-RAM4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

It used to be a great time to have a xbox360 with gears and halo but then microsoft got too comfortable.

the ps3 now has its uncharted and its killzone but there is just so much more to choose from. Everybody has that 1 favorite game type they love and they have a better chance of finding it on ps3 where the games are made properly and have a sony stamp of approval.

why wouldnt he compare those games?
For some strange reason in every review of a ps3 game the reviewers all mentioned gears or halo and sometimes both. they really wanted to force the opinion that gears and halo are the top tier of videogames and that somehow a ps3 game will never measure up.

now we all know thats just idiots journalism but guess what? theres alot of idiots out there.
even if uncharted came out first. wait did uncharted come out first?

QuackPot4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Halo1 was a truly great game. Although not as pretty, it still beats Killzone 2 in many ways: characters, dialogue, story, epic set pieces, fun factor and vehicles.

Why the frack didn't GG and Insomniac just copy all the best things of Halo and make Resistance and Killzone killer games. Sheez.

raztad4221d ago

With due respect Quack, you keep begging for PS3 shooters be like Halo but I dont agree with you and I think MOST PS3 owners either.

KZ2 is incredible the way it is. It doesnt need (sure KZ2 fans doesnt want) to be like any other game, nor Halo nor COD. Some says KZ2 is generic but that cant be further from the truth. KZ franchise is unique and I'm sure GG wants to keep it that way.

PirateThom4221d ago

If I wanted Halo, I would have bought Halo.

In fact, the closeness of Resistance 2 to Halo ruined it for me in a lot of ways and I love the way Killzone 2 plays, it feels weighter and easier to aim.

cmrbe4221d ago

There is no point in copying Halo or gears. Also agree i didn't like R2 because it was more like Halo. R1 is another very unique game which is why i love it.

This is my issue with gamers nowdays. They want all games to be the same which is stupid. The sad thing is they the majority. Sooner or later any FPS that don't follow COD controls will not sell.

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