Serious Gamer - What Would Make Me Buy and Play More Wii Games

"One of the few untapped market segments for the Wii is the serious or hardcore gamer. How could the Wii attract this type of gamer?

The Wii has been a tremendous success with casual, women, younger, and older gamers. These are three markets that the console industry had left largely untapped. But what about serious gamers?

Hardcore gamers are not completely ignored by the Wii, but they are certainly the one market that does not seem to receive a lot of attention. This definitely has not hurt the Wii's bottom line, but it does mean this is an area where the Wii has the most to gain at this point."

This article examines a few ways the Wii could recapture some of this market.

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Glamis3650d ago

My sentiments are similar. I love my Wii, but I wish I had some more great, non-party games for it.

I love the party games. Don't get me wrong. But I'd like some more hardcore games as well. If not in challenge, at least in the type of people they were designed for.

mikeslemonade3650d ago

The reason why I haven't bought anything for the Wii since early 2007 is indicative to how the console is built. Not HD, poor online, and funky controllers that are hard to get use to. I will probably never play the Wii again unless people come over and we decide to fool around with the Wii a little bit.

Right now I hope Nintendo fails somehow because I feel cheated that I bought a system that I don't like. I hope bad things happen to everyone that works at Nintendo.

Muckbeast3650d ago

Don't bother hoping for it to fail. It already won this entire generation of the console war. It has such a big lead, there is no catching it this generation.

jpymai3649d ago

I initially bought my Wii because all the party games had such a cutesy appeal. My console is now currently sitting in the corner somewhere collecting dust, because there's only so much partying I can handle.

SpoonyRedMage3650d ago

Some of the points are kind of moot. The one about RPGs will only be relevant for a short while more with Crystal Bearers, Tales of Graces and Monado on the way. Plus Dragon Quest X at some point.

Mature games? It depends how you classify them, stuff like Madworld and HOTD: Overkill aren't really mature so I guess I could agree there but the upcoming Silent Hill is kind of trying to fill that gap.

Great shooters? Oooh, that's a weird thing to talk about. Metroid Prime Trilogy is awesome but it's not really like Perfect Dark and whilst The Conduit is, the campaign is completely average.

The other points are much better though, a full blown Pokémon on the Wii would be awesome, especially if it was online. The online could be improved or just implemented more often in games, I'd also like more publishers to use dedicated servers, which allows them to bypass friend codes.

The thing about advertising sports games though I don't really care about, not a big sports fan...

Those are my thoughts and I have a lot of games to look forward to in the future.

Muckbeast3650d ago

Glad to hear about some of the games coming up. But honestly, "Crystal Bearers" and "Tales of Graces and Monado" sound like kinda squishy RPGs to me. But that's a snap judgement. And Dragon Quest X... Man, how about something new? :)

Silent Hill... same thing. We've been there and done that how many times now?

A full blown online Pokemon would be awesome. How can they not have given us that? Its such a no brainer.

Great comment.

SpoonyRedMage3650d ago

Squishy RPGs? how so?

I think you have to re-evaluate your expectations if you dismiss all four, especially considering the pedigree of the developers involved. Dragon Quest is the epitome of JRPG as well, it's the original and it's the most popular in Japan. But if you want something completely new there's Arc Rise Fantasia from Marvelous.

Silent Hill, yer, I suppose so but there's also stuff like Fragile, which as far as I know is a Horror JRPG so you've killed two birds with one stone if you go with that.

I think the reason they've avoided a full blown online Pokémon is how big the scale would be, it would cost a lot to make and possibly take a long time, especially if everyone wanted every Pokémon available at some point. It's also not guaranteed to sell as the past Pokémon console games haven't sold as well, but that's because they haven't been what we wanted.

Muckbeast3650d ago

You said the key thing right there about the Pokemon games. They release all kinda of random Pokemon themed garbage, and then marvel at it not selling well.

They could take their EXACT DS/gameboy game, give it better graphics, and it would be a good full console game. Heck, just add a few features along with the greater memory and system capability, and you'd have a huge winner. And to be able to play it multiplayer online? Man, that would be insane.

By squishy I just meant the pansy sounding name "Crystal" and "Grace". Heh, yeah, I was being lame judging it by its cover. But why nothing like Jade Empire or Mass Effect for the Wii?

SpoonyRedMage3650d ago

The problem would actually be the graphics I think, people would want a full 3D game(people complain about the lack of 3D Pokémon on the DS) and one that looked something akin to Super Mario Galaxy or Super Smash Bros Brawl, now imagine how long it would take to model and animation at least 493 characters for the game as well as having hundreds of separate attacks animations and the rich, big environments that would be needed.

Ahh, the name, well Crystal Bearers and Tales of Graces are far from pansy but you seem to be talking more about Western RPGs which actually highlights a problem Nintendo has. They have pretty decent support from Japanese publishers but Western publishers aren't interested. I would love a few WRPGs for the Wii as well.

N4g_null3649d ago

Have you guys seen Zombie Panic in Wonderland or Chaotic : Shadow Warriors or Sengoku Musou 3 and please tell me why is has way more people on screen than dead rising for the Wii?

Pokemon Rumble WiiWare is pertty much what you guys where asking for.
look up Lost In Shadow also... very ico like.

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cyguration3650d ago

The Wii has some good games coming out but they rarely ever get any coverage, like Sin and Punishment 2.

Muckbeast3650d ago

They need to market that stuff.

Does that size up against things like Perfect Dark for the N64?

Mahr3650d ago

"Does that size up against things like Perfect Dark for the N64?"

Apples to oranges. Really *good* tasting apples, as we are talking about Treasure, which is one of the top one games studios ever.

Sin and Punishment's in third-person, not particularly high on the realism scale, and designed more in line with arcade shooters a la Starfox 64 than modern first-person shooters. The emphasis is more about chaining together combos for high-score leaderboard domination than fragging each other in multiplayer.

If you're a PC-shooter fan, then I suspect it might not appeal as much to you. For the sake of reference, this is how the Sin and Punishment games play.

EvilTwin3649d ago

Thanks for that clip, Mahr. Man, I can't wait for S&P2.

Graffin3650d ago

Personally, I find the motion controls kind of limiting. I wish they'd come out with games with the option to use more traditional controls, like the classic controller, for example. I get tired of flailing about every time I want Mario to attack or do a spin move.

Also, how about some kind of achievement system? Achievements are insanely addicting (xbox, wow) and even the PS3 has trophies.

Muckbeast3650d ago

I'm glad someone mentioned that. The motion controls are a great concept, but sometimes it seems like they use them simply because they feel like they have to.

I was never able to finish Zelda because I got tired of swiping my wrist 1000 times per hour.

There are times where the motions controls are awesome, and times where they are not. Overusing them makes them feel gimicky - like 3D in movies or something.

Ron_Burgundy3650d ago

HD and hardcore games, but the PSwand will provide that so I won't need the wii

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