Multiplayer Battle: Gears of War vs. Halo 3 beta

On May 16, Bungie stomped Epic's Gears of War by releasing its Halo 3 beta. Lines were drawn. Lancer and Battle Rifles collided. Gears' Gnasher Shotgun bared its fangs at Halo 3's M90. Clearly, there can be only one victor.

GameDaily pit these two gaming studs against one another to see which offers the best multiplayer experience.

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gta_cb4580d ago

in every Halo 3 Bera comparison someone always says it but there just seems to be more and more comparisons! =(

... yeh i am gonna say it aswell... its just a Beta!

THAMMER14580d ago

Halo has a fast pase, but Gears is extra hard core. It all evens out.

alsef074580d ago

Its way more fun to play online than gears

MySwordIsHeavenly4580d ago

Are you guys saying that Halo 3 (or any of the Halo's for that matter) is better than a game made by EPIC??? Do you know how many PC gamers would slit your throats if they heard that? EPIC craps out better games than Halo 3, ohkay?!!!


Halo 3 is what Halo's always wanted to be...Tribes 2.

Except, in Tribes, you get jetpacks...

dalectrics4580d ago


but.....'re the Master Chief!

dominusbellum4580d ago

in what world is tribes anything like halo it's not even close to the same game in tribes you can swith between light medium and heavy armour hook up turrets and have some of the worst guns this side of gaming alls you do is fly in the air shoot senselesly and hope you hit your target halo tactical 2 weapon balance run around and alot easier to hit your target


I've played Gears of war and the halo 3 beta... I'd pick the beta anyday over Gears.

The gameplay is vastly superior, and so is the lobby and matchamking systems.

MoonDust4580d ago

GOW sucks, it got boring so fast, it's repetitive. Low number of weapons, gametype, player, just not that good of a game.

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Killer B4580d ago

1st - Halo has a art and what not based upon a world/enviroment from 2001. You can't take the Halo universe and change it's style to match something like GOW w/o loosing the feel. I'm glad they do not look the same.
2cnd - as stated time and time again - it's a Beta.
3rd - They are completely different game styles. It's not comparing apples to apples... both are great games and extremely fun - but they completely different play styles. Again - how can this be a good comparison.
4th - I've played them both extensively - and I'd take Halo over GOW any day. But that's my opinion. In Match Making - Halo 2/3 matching is fantastic - GOW, not so much. They should make Halo's MM manditory!

5th - myswordisheavy, that's funny stuff. You're wrong, but you made me laugh.

Maldread4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

I agree, you said allmost all that was on my mind too.

And it could be an idea to wait for a finished Halo 3 before comparing it Gears of War, even though it would still be a bit unfair, because Gears of War `ll be one year older then.

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The story is too old to be commented.