Q&A: Auran CEO talks Fury and breaking the MMOG mould

Fury creator Tony Hilliam speaks out on Australian developers and the MMOG space, the challenges facing local studios, and what Auran is doing to reshape how people will play online games.

In a PC-gaming landscape obsessed with everything Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, or anything with massively multiplayer online game tacked on the end, it's becoming tough for new properties to get a look in.

Australian developer Auran is aiming to break into the lucrative -- and increasingly crowded -- MMOG market with Fury, a purely player-versus-player-focused game set for release later in 2007. caught up with Auran CEO Tony Hilliam on the eve of a Fury media day being held in Melbourne, Victoria, to discuss his game, the challenges facing local developers, and what his company's doing to reshape how its audience will play online games.

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