The Secrets of 'Star Wars'

When Star Wars was released May 25, 1977 by 20th Century Fox, it only opened in a handful of theaters across the country. Many involved in the film had no idea what they had, and couldn't see Lucas's vision until the entire puzzle was complete. As one former Fox executive recalled, Lucas recreated the world he remembered from his childhood when he went to Saturday matinees. In the process, he took the magic and wonder of those Saturday matinees to an all-new level that ultimately changed the movie business.

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MK_Red4166d ago

OK, what does it have to do with gaming?? A good article for SW fans but no mention of any game (I was hoping for Force Unleashed).

ITR4166d ago

SW and I almost share B'days..only 1 day apart.

I have a feeling info on Force Unleashed is coming just not in this article.
G4 is doing a whole special on it.
SW at 30.

sak5004166d ago

Mine is a week's difference. 18th may.

calderra4166d ago

Yeah... fun article, but it's pretty freakin' far from gaming.

Neutral Gamer4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

It looks like the N4G staff have admitted (by NewsBot submitting this) that this is no longer a site devoted to Gaming and Tech but more to the kind of people who like playing games and therefore fall into the right demographic for this kind of news.

Why doesn't N4G just come out and say that they want all sorts of news on here (a more general news site) as long as it interests the user and they get the all important hits. I don't mind that and we do seem to be getting an increasing number of non-related news being approved.

But surely it's time to change the name, something like News4Males or News4Teens seems to be more fitting now!

How long before we start seeing the inevitable Paris Hilton stories appear, hehe ...

nix4166d ago's a good read... atleast 12 long pages..

PS360WII4166d ago

Oh come on. Who doesn't like to hear about the awesomeness of Star Wars?! Also what are we to do on slow news days/weeks? Just comment on the same artical again and again. The do a double post of the same artical. Sometimes you need a little oddity out there to keep things fresh

sak5004166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

I'd rather have these sort of stories than screen shot comparison ones which bring out the fanbois from the woodworks.

Edit: Wow 2 bubbles left. Good work guys.

@neutral below: yes i agree some sort of entertainment or other should be there. There is too much fan fight happening here. Something to relieve the tension.

Neutral Gamer4166d ago

Hey man, I like Star Wars, just like any other red blooded male. I also said in my comment I didn't mind these type of stories, hell I'd like more of them! I agree with sak500, there are too many flamebait stories around.

The only problem I have is that I just know that if I submitted a similar type of story, not being News Bot, I'd get my story reported multiple times with the same old message, "What does this have to do with gaming?"

How many times have you seen people do that even though the story was an interesting one and had already got a high temperature in the Pending section only to be subsequently failed? N4G should add another channel, just call it "Other" or "Entertainment" or something for these type of stories. Am I right or am I right?

PS360WII4166d ago

that is not a bad idea at all. I'm for it