Project Gotham Racing 4 preview

The "loose lips sinks ships" philosophy of many publishers tends to mean that many games are locked up tighter than a Quaker's teenage daughter, developed almost in isolation from their fanbase. Which is why it's refreshing that mighty teams such as Liverpool-based Bizarre Creations toil away so freely with their most loyal fans on their website,

It's the sign of a truly passionate games development team who fervently believe in what they're creating, and not only do they solicit suggestions from their fans; they tend to go out of their way to actively act upon them.

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Extra Guy4581d ago

Err did they say that there was a plee for the Nurburgring? The truth is that since it was in 3 it will be in 4 (not difficult to figure out considering it was said that the previous tracks from PGR3 would all be included).

gta_cb4581d ago

good point, and that track is really good, LONG and HARD but good.

gta_cb4581d ago

i am most likely going to be picking up this title.

ASSASSYN 36o4581d ago

I thought these screenshots were from a ps3 game...hahaha. FORZA!