Haze developer lets rip at british government

After criticizing top microsoft game studio bungie of being "irresponsible", disgruntled developer doak has now turned his focus to the british government accusingg them of being detrimental to the british games industry.

Though he seems to be the only one complaining.

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techie5176d ago

Nice he's from Nottingham :) like me. And no Nottingham isn't like British Columbia. :(


theres so much developing talent in the UK, hopefully eventually we can take some of the limelight off the americans.
Though we're already half way there with developers like doak, molyneux, the stampers ect.

techie5176d ago

Yuh but Haze is sh*t you said


that it is - but it doesnt stop the fact that this guy was talented in his prime

calderra5176d ago

Yup, a classic Sony troll develops, baby-step by step. In sequence:
-He trashes Bungie.
-He announces PS3 is the lead development platform for Haze.
-He says they're able to do wonderful things with PS3 that they can do with no other console, making the choice to go to PS3 only natural.
-BUT he didn't want to partner with French developer Ubisoft and develop on the PS3 at all! He was forced into it by the evil British Empire!

Odion5176d ago

Doak is far, FAR past his prime, i think the next big game devloper meca is going to be Canada, Bioware, Silicon Knight, the good ubisoft, Rockstar Toronto, Rockstar Vancover.

But thats just me.

MySwordIsHeavenly5176d ago

Ubisoft Montreal is about the only good Ubisoft Dev there is...

It's like EA Chicago and Criterion...<the only good EA's.

Honestly though, you guys have to get past this Halo thing. It wasn't innovative's still not innovative now. Oh, look at me...I can create a generic shooter too!!! I say, SCREW BUNGIE!!!

Timesplitters, no matter how much you hate to admit it, was WAY better than Halo!!! If you deny this, you're a blatent fool and therefore just started gaming when Halo came out. And that makes you a????? Anyone??? Yes, Jeremy! "Well Mr. Teacher, sir...I think that makes you a noob." YES JEREMY!!! THAT'S EFFING CORRECT!!!


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