IGN: In-depth with Valve's fast-paced online shooter

Team Fortress 2: Class Warfare

Valve's goal with Half-Life 2: The Orange Box is to offer a great single-player title (Episode Two), a unique gameplay experience (Portal), and an awesome multiplayer game (Team Fortress 2). From our play date at Valve, it appears the legendary company will be able to deliver on all three aspects. While Episode Two is one sweet shooter and Portal is the next evolution in puzzle games, it's Team Fortress 2 that proved the most impressive.

Team Fortress 2 is a fast-paced class-based online shooter. Valve's challenge in reviving the long-dormant TF franchise was creating a great experience no matter which of the nine classes a player chose. Along with making each class visually different, Valve managed to infuse each class with its own personality. Each requires a different type of strategy; but all nine classes are useful. And, more importantly, each is fun to play.

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I like the style of this game - But Im afraid that if it launches this fall it simply wont be able to compete with the plethora of other online-centric FPS games on the market. Specifically Halo 3 on the 360, and Killzone and SOCOM on PS3

M_Prime4585d ago

I don't think console FPS will be much competition.. if you are like me and love TF you will get this and i know theres a lot of people waiting for this.. plus HL2 and SOURCE is pretty old now (in my books) but it will continue to do well.. i mean people still play HL1 and MODS based on that engine..

HALF-LIFE and its MODS are the most amazing thing to happen to an FPS ever, its the only game i know of that i buy 1 game and get a lot of free mods as well as a few paid ones.. I mean look at CS, it was a free mod originally now people BUY IT! same with DOD, i had to pay for my DOD source.

if i had to live with 1 game.. and have an internet connection then it would be HL because the possibilities are endless and in case you don't know there is a TFC remake being done called FORTRESS FOREVER.

look it up on GOOGLE <fortress forever HL>

P4KY B4585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

The fact that its visually different to most of the FPS might be a good thing. As it will stand out from the crowd.
Huxley, Haze, UT3, Army of Two, COD4, Socom all look good but also all look similar.

Plus Valve seem to have managed somehow to eradicate bullet lag in CS:Source on the PC. If they can do the same with this on the 360 and PS3 it will be great.

assjacket4584d ago

I can't wait for this to finally come out. TF2 is really my reason for buying the orange box and HL2 and portal are just bonuses...sweet, sweet bonuses.
I will be playing TF2 over Halo3 guaranteed, it's just more of my type of online game! Bring on the Spies!!