It Ain't Perfect: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Is Nathan Drake's second outing really the second coming? Crispy Gamer combed through the glowing reviews to pick out the negative bits that tend to get glossed over.

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Greywulf3620d ago

Halo isn't perfect article? and the Gears article? and the GTA4 article?

LordMarius3620d ago

Now dissing on Uncharted 2, the media never changes

nycredude3620d ago

Crispy Gamer is a little late to the party aren't they.

Ign already did their job by ending their review like this. "Uncharted 2 isn't perfect, but it's closer than anything else out there."

sikbeta3620d ago

You asking so much with that, that kind of article can create a parodox that will destroy the Earth itself, now you know why we never see articles like that... or maybe is an excuse lol

UnSelf3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Is Crispy Gamer really this desperate for hits?

Darkstorn3620d ago

Uncharted 2 is my third favorite game this gen, after only MGS4 and Bioshock. It's a great game and it WILL win game of the year.

YourCall3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Totally agreeable.

@Jumping Jack Below (3)

Well, a 10 review would indicate that it was perfect.

I also wonder how many of the people reviewing this game had it lock up on the several times and ignored it and gave it a 10 anyway.

taco_tom2373620d ago

i love this game although my copy has problems.....oh well lol

mal_tez923620d ago

"cover mechanic that [feels] like a slightly clumsy version of that in Gears of War."

It's an unclumsy version of Gears. Gears of War has an annoying locked camera angle that makes moving about very clumsy. The unlocked camera angle also makes melee fighting a LOT better in Uncharted rather than Gears once again clumsy feeling system. Although the chainsaw on the lancer is awesome, not other gun had fun melee.

Johnny Jiron3620d ago

He does this to most games that score above 95%'s a feature. Stop getting so defensive it's just a game. Hell it may be one of my favorite games, but I can still see a few blemishes here and there.

Danja3620d ago

There's no such thing as a perfect game and when a game gets a 10/10 it simply means the game has done everything right and is as close to perfect as it can be ands the lil things that aren't perfect still won't take away from the experience or youy won't even notice them..

And I don't think the freezing in the game is a really big deal , its not like the game is left unplayable after it freezes or u it freezes at this spot all the time ... It froze on me once after a Boss fight in chapter 25 , when I was about to go up the stairs ... I simply restarted and its been great.....

Schobeleth3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Idiots like this shouldn't be running gaming sites that actually review games, that or their reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

His review stinks of a jaded cynicism that I experience with friends or acquaintences that are extremely hard to please with, well, anything really. I could go see a new movie or play a new game, in this case, Uncharted 2 and they'll say there's nothing that interests them about the game and if they actually do give the game a chance they'll only look for things wrong with it to pick it apart and then not even give the game a chance.

A friend of mine played the original Uncharted's demo and said he refused to play the game because he was exploiting a supposed glitch with clipping issues where he could kill enemies around a corner while still being behind cover. I even offered to let him borrow my copy but he absolutely refused after supposedly clipping in that one scenario.

Sure Uncharted 2 may not be something so different it gets merit for being original, but I dunno if any of you guys have noticed, a lot of ideas, plots, gameplay concepts and so on have been used before to whatever capacity and the game industry is only a few decades old.

In it's defense I agree with other reviewers in that it may not necessarily have anything to call it's own but it improves, polishes, and perfects so many great aspects of previous games that it's as close to a perfect game as humanly possible, IMO.

HolyOrangeCows3619d ago

Why even HAVE a score out of ten, seeing as NOTHING is perfect?

Schobeleth3619d ago

So there's something to be able to measure it by, whereas most of us gamers will know we want a game based on playing it beforehand or playing a previous iteration, others need to see great scores to convince themselves? It helps to make a faster judgement on the game but at the same time it can be unfair, most especially when people compare various games on various platforms when they're within decimals of each other. That's just plain stupid.

Sarcasm3619d ago

What's with these people?

If a smoking hot girl with a nice body, nice boobs, nice rear, beautiful face but has a tiny wrinkle around her eye, what are you going to do? Ask her out? Or complain that she has a wrinkle?

Stupid article.

Eddie201013619d ago

People need to rate games on how good there experience was with the game, not nitpick it to death with minor issues. This is a amazing gaming experience that being overly negative, or trying to make people think your more knowledgeable about games with negativity, or fanboyism will cause you to miss or not enjoy.

Uncharted 2 is an Amazingly beautiful and entertaining single player and multi-player experience that for most people that rate it on pure enjoyment would easily give it a 10.

The negative issues he mentions being glossed over, well for most of the reviewers the minor issues meant very little compared to the amazing overall experience.

BWS19823619d ago

isn't he usually negative towards the PS3? Really, just come out with crap like "why water really isn't wet" just to start arguments...Really.

I'd never be naive enough to assume a game is flawless, just some games are swamped with them, and others are nearly void of them, and everything in between.

morganfell3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Having titles nitpicked to death and placed under a microscope which demands games be held to a much different and higher standard is the price we pay for having the only next gen machine on the market.

Even games that are ported - Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for example - are graded more stringently than other platforms.

No matter how mad and jealous teenagers that write these articles become nothing changes the fact this game crushes everything the 360 has in terms of visuals, audio, refinement, execution, and overall gamer experience.

Greywulf3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

lol... didn't see that till now.

#1, No one said Uncharted2 was perfect. THe facts are:

- Uncharted2 is impossible to pull off on the 360. No 360 game in 5 years has shown it can stream what uncharted does.
- Uncharted2 has amazing modeling/animation/sound/dynam ics/lighting which is currently second to none. Especially anything from the 360's library.

Seems that 360 owners can't come to grasp with a title finally getting the recognition it deserves. Because it makes you realize that most of the exclusive games offer the same polish UC2 does. UC1 should have also had this sort of reception, but the media was like Bloodmask still is today, biased.

So because of that, a PS3 title is yet again compared to perfection. Sad thing is this:

No 360 game is ever compared to perfection. And there never will be.

They can't even pass the "Does it look just like the first one?" test.

morganfell3619d ago

The first Uncharted shared something with Heavenly Sword. Both games were subject to the most systematic attacks designed to destroy and downplay a game that has been seen this generation.

The same crowd that is so afraid of PS3 exclusives could not pull off the same public sleight of hand this time.

Syronicus3619d ago

They all realized they could not give the perfect game a perfect score but they gave it what they could without getting into a real firefight with PS3 fans that know better so now they come out after the fact and point out the flaws. That is like finally scoring a date with a super model and getting her clothes off only to be upset at the mole she might have on her inner thigh. Come on guys, this kind of article is absolutely idiotic and non deserving of hits.

Johnny Jiron3619d ago

He went and scoured the web for several reviews and picked out the negatives and compiled them into a a single flowing "Nega-Review". He did this for GTA4 Halo3 and Fable 2 plus several other high profile games. It's not a real review its a feature. It's not his opinion.

At least make an attempt to understand what you are reading before going on a crying fit and calling foul.

My link above shows he does this for almost all highly rated games. He even did it to one of his all time favorite games. Damn people are dense and I know none of you like having facts thrown at you {evident by the disagrees above} lol, but come on try and I dunno learn or understand maybe?

ecb3619d ago

almost every single person in this thread is a complete moron who didn't read the article. there's even a disclaimer at the end of the article explaining to you people what this is about. you should all be banned for commenting like this.

thesummerofgeorge3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

"Well think again folks! Now here's Bob to nitpick the sh!t outta this game, and sift through all those great parts you thought you enjoyed and find the flaws you forgot to dwell on! Isn't this great!?!?"

@ecb, I just have a problem with those who set out to find the only the negatives, if all you're looking for is something to gripe about, you'll always find it. If they're gonna give a balanced review than fine, but what's the point in only picking apart a game that really delivers to the fans who pay for it? We want more games like this, the consumer has spoken, we don't need this kind of negativity when we're talking about a really great game. If this game deserves an entire article dedicated to dwelling on anything and everything they can find wrong with it, than there's no game that doesn't, and I certainly don't think we need any more purely negative crap like this.


And I think it's really unfair to take all the negative parts from a bunch of reviews (that were otherwise great reviews) out of context and lace them together to form a warped negative view of the game.

syanara3619d ago

10/10 does not mean perfect. perfect technically Doesn't exist therefore 10/10 would technically not exist which is why 10/10 means damn near perfect. not the absolute PERFECTION but its a VERY VERY good game.

FACTUAL evidence3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Well, since the actual media (IGN/game informer)could not find anything bad to say about UC2, guess some loser who got ownt online found out what he hates about uc2....great game...even came from BUNGIE's uc2 is still better than 90% of the exclusives 360 has to offer.

Maddens Raiders3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I've said it a thousand times:

PS3 = Obama = PS3

Haters Hate 365 days

Players Play On

"I don't mean to be so hard on you, but it's not 2007 anymore. If you want to tell me a story about your characters and tie it into the gameplay, you're going to have to do it in a world that gave us Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brütal Legend and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune"

Who does this joke site think it's fooling with this hit bait? Quite honestly from a tech^^ standpoint, this console war was over when R:FOM released.

Tavaras3619d ago

Those titles are not THE game of the moment right now... When you become a star, it is only natural to take some heat. I liked the first Uncharted, good game, but it wasn't great. Now I am playing through the sequel, and it is has reached "excellent" status. With that status achieved, every critic and every other game being designed right now will be gunning for it. That's just the nature of things...

Tavaras3619d ago

There is no "conspiracy" to stifle PS3 games. Ya'll need to stop with that. Believe me, no one cares as much as you do about the "console wars". Most people who review games for a living have been doing it before this generation existed. Where was their bias with the PS1 and PS2? You guys and your ilk are the only ones who cheer for one piece of silicone and plastic over the other one... I wish you luck with that, Hope your PS3s keep you warm at night...

TotalPS3Fanboy3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Unfortunately, Uncharted 2 is PEFECT!
64 Perfect Scores says Uncharted 2 is PERFECT!

Which makes a delusional website.

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Keith Olbermann3620d ago

I just couldnt go around thinking U2 was the best game ever now could I???? Right..right??

sikbeta3620d ago

You need to play and make a conclusion by yourself, not based on some article

Darkstorn3620d ago

He's being sarcastic...

Jumping-Jack3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

But it's still a fantastic game and easily one of the best games of the year so far :)

bnaked3620d ago

hands down, it IS the best game of the year. ;-)

bmatthews3620d ago

I've never seen an article like this for games like Gears of War(1 and 2), Halo 3, GTA 4...but hey some things never change.

mal_tez923619d ago

War. War has changed.

Fallout 3 and MGS4 start with the exact opposite lines.

unrealgamer583620d ago

let me finish that statement for him

it aint perfect but its the closest any game has ever come to it

phantomexe3620d ago

lol way to finsh that for him....couldn't agree more.The game is the best i've ever played.

Darkstorn3620d ago

You obviously haven't played StarCraft, Diablo, MGS4, Call of Cthulhu, or Halo then. I'm not hating, but it's not the best game ever made. It's up there with the best, though. No doubt about it.

yorkie3619d ago

Well even if he hasn't I have played all those and none are as good as Uncharted 2. It is simply the best game ever.

Tavaras3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Nope... not by a long shot. Now, if you said that Uncharted has the best GRAPHICS ever, I would agree with you. But my list of best games ever will look like this:
Pac Man
Super Mario Bros. (The old ugly one)
Mario 64
The Legend of Zelda (The old ugly one)
Legend of Zelda The Ocarina of Time

There are other landmark titles that I didn't mention... but my point is that we should pay homage to the greats that got us here. And if your too young to know these games, then please fellow gamers, let us learn our gaming history, PLAY THESE GAMES! That will make you appreciate a game like Uncharted even more...

yorkie3618d ago

I have indeed played all those games, in fact my first console was a Binatone and since then I have owned almost every console released so let me tell you when I say Uncharted 2 is the best game I have played I can compare it almost any game you could mention. The games you listed were all good in their day but that day has long since gone, dont look back and let nostalgia cloud your judgement and dont kid your self that Pac-Man, Tetris, Zelda, Perfect Dark, Sonic, F-Zero etc etc are as fun to play as a game like Uncharted 2.

Tavaras3618d ago

Uncharted 2 is not a game that has revolutionized any aspect of gaming... I am playing through it right now, and I agree that it is in the running for game of the year, but to put it in the same league as titles that helped shape and mold an entire industry is like having delusions over grandeur... Naughty Dog themselves would tell you that their game is not as ground breaking as something like a Mario 64, which was the FIRST 3D platformer. I would say Pitfall from the Atari days is even more revolutionary. I know that the tech in Uncharted 2 blows away any of the games that I mention, but I am not talking about that. I'm talking about having the vision to do something that no one has done before. A classic like Tetris or Super Mario Bros. will forever be played... Uncharted will have it's moment in history, then it will fade into history with all of the other great games of the moment. That's the difference between great and legendary. I'm not blaming Uncharted 2 for not reaching this status, most games don't, I'm just trying to keep perspective.

yorkie3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

I'm sorry but what has revolutionizing gaming got to do with how good a game is. The yard stick for how good a game is is how much enjoyment you get from playing it. Did you get as much enjoyment from playing Mario 64 and Pitfall Harry as you did from playing Uncharted 2 ?? did Pac-Man and Goldeneye give you the same thrill and excitement as Uncharted 2 and as for Tetris being played forever when was the last time you played it because now it's been relegated to little more than a time filler on mobile phones, I'm afraid when you go back and play these classics you invariably find that the reality does not match the memory, it does seem a little bit like your confusing revolutionary for greatness, but try to think of it like this, the model T Ford revolutionized motoring but do you think it was better than a modern day equivalent, no I don't think so. I suggest you try clearing the blurring mist of nostalgia from your eyes and try to accept that things move on and as they do sometimes they actually improve. That is exactly what Uncharted 2 has done it has taken all it's core components and improved on them to give a finished product that far far outshines Mario 64, Diablo, Pac-Man and the like. Of course best game ever is always going to be subjective but please don't think the legendary status of some old classics makes them better than the all singing all dancing modern masterpieces we enjoy today.

Tavaras3618d ago

I really enjoyed our discourse... It was encouraging to have a conversation/debate that didn't resort to the whole "console war" thing that I find very annoying. You give me some hope that today's gamer will focus on games rather than the system that they are played on. But, I'll end by saying this, with the passing of time, things do improve and ultimately get better. The technology of practically everything new trumps the old, that's just the nature of things. But when you ask me that do I get the same thrill of playing those old, dusty, classic games that I get from playing the new and shiny ones, I will scream at the top of my lungs, "Yes! Yes I do!" Only because when I first played those old, dusty games, they were the newest and greatest. And I knew that what I was playing had never been done before in the history of games. When I play Uncharted 2, I see all the inspiration that they used and how they improved it for the better. Don't get me wrong, most art is borrowed, and it's ok... but, it doesn't have that sense of "newness" to me. I do enjoy Uncharted 2 very much... game of the year in my humble opinion, (Unless MW2 REALLY surprises me)I just don't think I can put it up there with a game like Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time just yet... But time will tell how the game will ultimately be judged. And remember, without the past, there is no future... Thank GOD for that Model T right... or we might still be riding horses after all! LOL!

yorkie3617d ago

Yep me too buddy it's been nice having a discussion with someone (makes a refreshing change). I would just like to say however that todays gamers playing the likes of Uncharted 2 and Halo as their first gaming experiences will look back in 20 years in the way you look back at the likes of Zelda, that's why todays 'classics' will live on forever maybe not in your memories but in the memories of todays gamers. The old guard paved the way, thats for sure but the past no matter how glorious has gone for good, while the future is only just beginning.

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