Modern Warfare 2 petition nearing 110k signatures, Bowling tries to ease the rage

Brutal Gamer writes - 'Oh Infinity Ward, what've you got yourself into.

As we know, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling (aka FourZeroTwo) dropped an enormous bombshell on it's PC community earlier this week by announcing that they wouldn't be supporting dedicated servers. Very soon after this announcement, a petition was started by the PC community who were looking forward to MW2 on PC and it's nearing 110,000 signatures already! Not even a week after it's creation.'

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Saaking4477d ago

IW isn't innocent at all. It's both them and Activision and both of them can go to hell for all I care.

poopface14477d ago

IW sucks the balls of Actiblind. And I think IW likes it.

kaveti66164477d ago

Petition all you want. Infinity Ward doesn't care. I usually admire this kind of determination, but honestly, there's a certain point when people are just shouting at the wind, they're not making any difference.

DiffusionE4477d ago

Suppose you're about to drown in the middle of a lake without any help and can't swim, would you stop struggling and accept your fate or would you fight till your last breath? If your answer is the former, then I assure you, you won't get half of what you can in real-life.

BTW, you're welcome to make a smartass reply about how if you drown in a lake you won't get anywhere anyway....blah blah....

evrfighter4477d ago

I've never been an advocate of calling something a petition. If they would have called it a boycott then it would have more weight.

regardless you won't see pc gamers smiling and whipping out their wallets when Bobby Kotick and Co. whip out the dildo's.

If this is going to happen to pc gamers. I can guarantee you that they'll at least take an eye out before being taken out.

doeman4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

when was the last time an online petition concerning games changed something?

ReservoirDog3164477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

I'm pretty sure that there will be very few copies of this sold on the pc cause pc know how to band together.

But to everyone else, I urge you to get this game used. Just don't buy it new. It's not that hard. If you go to gamestop and find a used copy, just get that instead.

You know, I wonder what would happen if reviews come out for this and all you see are 8s across the board. I don't think I ever considered that.

edit: @above

Wasn't the L4D2 petition a success? When it started, people said it wasn't good enough (and other stuff) but they closed it cause they were satisfied. Isn't that technically a success?

GamerPS3604477d ago

@ kaveti

win or loose, You gotta let them know that whatever they are pulling is not appreciated.

By the way, infinity ward + Activision will be eating dust this time. COD4 was way better than COD3. But, it's not the same way this time with added fiasco and there are so many other great games already has been released or they are on horizon. I don't really see even half of COD4 numbers.

PS I didn't sign it but I won't be getting it. I bought 3 copies last time. 2 for PS3 (me and my brother), 1 for PC. That's less 3.

AKNAA4477d ago

"Suppose you're about to drown in the middle of a lake without any help and can't swim, would you stop struggling and accept your fate or would you fight till your last breath? "

Haha! We are still talking about a mere game right??

Syronicus4477d ago

Need to just shut up. You won't let your voice be heard on a petition yet you spend your time posting on a forum... Makes no sense guys. Sign a petition and at least you have made your point. If you never speak up you will never be heard but if you speak up, there is a greater chance that you will actually get a chance to gain the attention of those you are trying to speak with.

Don't sit idle by and let the enemy roll over you. If ever there was a world war, be sure to point out who those are that will not stand up for themselves, cause I sure as heck don't need yo by me when I am busy taking a stand.

4477d ago
2Spock4477d ago

I am glad IW is sticking by their guns. Just cause people whine and cry doesn't mean they should get their way. People are not forced to buy the product, so IW can see fit how to make their game. And if people don't like it don't buy it. And 100,000 that is what less than 1% of possible total sales.

m-s-8-24477d ago

A loss of 55k units sold at best. Half of them would probably just have pirated the game anyway.

ambientFLIER4477d ago

"A loss of 55k units sold at best. Half of them would probably just have pirated the game anyway."

Yep. And most of those people will end up buying the game anyway, even if they don't get their way, just because it will be good and everybody else will be playing it.

Sarcasm4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

I disagree 2spock.

If people don't speak their minds, then we all might as well just listen to everything the government tells us to do. Let's all just forget about "Freedom" and follow the leader.

Even if the petition doesn't do anything, at least it's a sign that not everybody will take their crap.

So get off your high horse.

SuperM4477d ago

over 100 000 signatures in just a couple of days is not a piss in the wind. Smart people knows that people actually signing a petition is only a small fragment of the people upset with the descision. 100 000 in sales is atleast 3 000 000 dollars in revenue, certainly not money anyone would be willing to give up on. But given the situation you might be looking at 500 000 - 1 000 000 less in sales, which could mean between 15-30 million dollars in revenue.

Activision thinks they are fighting piracy, in reality they are creating more. They mess up the multiplayer part which is the only incentive people have to buy the game. Now they'll just pirate it for the Singleplayer.

IdleLeeSiuLung4476d ago

It sure is a lot of people, but putting it in perspective with the expected sales numbers for this game, it isn't really that large. I mean this game sells 10x times more than many other games so 10x the signers is still just a small percentage.

I'm not against the petition, but just highlighting the facts. I doubt dedicated servers will be integrated at this point, as it isn't something you just slap in at the last minute. It might just be too late.....

ID IR A G 0 N4476d ago

how could people have a petition for this???????? cry babies

f7897904476d ago

I think they should reconsider.

evrfighter4476d ago

the only way I'd be down for this matchmaking service is if there was Cross platform play.

Of course if that happened there would be a petition started by console gamers probably in the millions demanding we have dedicated servers

I'd pay $100 for this :D.

kaveti66164476d ago

I think Valve was already planning on doing all the things that you guys say they did because of the petition. Either way, Valve is a community developer and is always known for listening to its fans, so in that case it wasn't really a petition so much as a poll that told Valve what the community wanted.

Infinity Ward and Activision are not PC community-loving developers/publishers. Activision is in it for the money, and I don't think Infinity Ward minds that. Also, Infinity Ward made a statement about why they decided not to support dedicated servers, and although I don't agree with their answer, I fully understand what they're coming from. If I'm not mistaken, I was under the impression that COD4 gamers were complaining about cheaters during matches, and IW said that they didn't want the servers to be full of modders who would have an advantage over other gamers. There probably was another way to go to prevent that from happening this time around, but IW chose to cut out server support, and now they're getting bashed for doing that.

samfk4476d ago

if any1 knows of a link for a petition or a complete boycot of the console version let me know!in the uk im sure you are aware! there asking £55? for the stand alone version! there taking the absoloute p...!i know its tempting ,to get a game from launch but if we all keep paying prices like this it wont stop!evry 1 get some balls!!

4476d ago
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JonnyBigBoss4477d ago

That's a huge hit to PC gaming. I can hardly believe that they won't bother implementing dedicated server functionality.

JustinSaneV24477d ago

All of our complaints fall on deaf ears. Welcome to the Activision that only cares about the green.

DoctorXpro4477d ago

Instead of l4d2 boycott

should be MW2 boycott