Multiplatform games may jump ship and become 360 exclusives

Game journalist Geoff Keighley revealed in a Newsweek blog that some previously announced mult-platform games might be pulling out of the PS3 camp in favor of being an XBOX 360 exclusive if the sales of the PS3 continue to sell under a 100K units a month.

"And we both know the sales need to pick up, pronto--especially if Sony wants to keep third party interest. Already third party executives are telling me that if PS3 sales stay below 100k for 3 consecutive months, PS3 SKUs may start disappearing from release lists and in turn create a wealth of de-facto exclusives for the Xbox 360."

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kingofps34259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

Video Game journalist Geoff Keighley is the new video game analyst? Anyways, why would multi-platform games go 360 exclusive? The PSP is doing better than the Xbox 360 (looking at recent sales figures and overall market share) in all major markets. Best thing financially for the publishers (if they are so afraid of their stockholders) would be to release their games on the PS2, DS, and/or the Wii, which are doing far better than the 360 or the PS3 (at the moment).

tplarkin74259d ago

Geoff defended Sony up until E3 2006. Even then, he bashed the 360 in OXM (he left OXM last month). For him to say that Sony is losing multi-plats is very telling.

FreeMonk4259d ago

I honestly can't see this happening.

I own a X360 and not purchasing a PS3 until the end of the year (so I'm not a fanboy!), but somehow I can't see EA or Ubisoft going the way of making there games Exclusive to one console.

It's not the 100,000 that will make there decision, it will be the millions already in homes!

The only company I can see doing something like this is Capcom, because although Capcom is a big company, it's not got the money to throw around like EA and Ubisoft have!

Violater4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

Nevertheless, I don't think we'll see many third party games that are currently being developed for both PS3 and Xbox 360 drop their PS3 SKUs, even if Sony has multiple months under 100,000 units sold. The reason is threefold: Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot estimates the cost of a port adds just 10 percent to the cost of development; marketing budgets don't increase significantly with the addition of another SKU; and Microsoft isn't willing to pay for the majority of those titles to become Xbox 360 exclusives when they know that their larger installed base means that the bulk of those sales will take place on Xbox 360 without Microsoft execs having to lift a finger. Ironically, the latter is the same reason why Sony isn't willing to pay for exclusives: as Phil Harrison himself pointed out, the PS3 ecosystem is so unhealthy right now, any negotiations for a third party exclusive would be a) weighted almost completely in the third party's favor; and b) unlikely to have much of an impact.

It makes no damn sense to secure third party titles when you have a strong first party line up coming and secondly when your console doesnt have a strong enough install base.

aqtrunks4259d ago

I agree, the whole story needs to be posted.

On the exclusivity front I think people are forgeting one point. Large mega-blockbuster games and cheap easy to make games are the type of games that get cross platformed. The middle of the road type of games are the type that suffer this single platform problem. If a company makes a game, that isn't a blockbuster nor a cheap re-hash, it does face the potential to lose money. I believe this is the type of exclusivity they are talking about. Games that don't sell well enough on one system... thus not deserving of a cross-platform rendition. So from the company standpoint, do you invest this type of game to the system with more players or less players?

A bigger inquiry is why all this is happening to the PS3? Honestly I don't have the answer. I remember people picking up a PS2 while others waited on the XBOX. After time though the XBOX got many of the same games the PS2 did while still having awesome LAN and Online support. Maybe the year head start and prior conversion experience convinced the PS2 players to pick up the 360 and not wait for the PS3? Who knows... hopefully by the Holidays there will be some price drops and players choice versions of games coming out.

CaliGamer4259d ago

This is a good read for laughs. There are no references or facts to support any of these claims, and the source website that the link takes you to looks like someone tacked it together from spare parts of crap. Flamewars are great, me, I am waiting for E3 to see what M$ and $ony have in store for us consumers, can't wait for the new PS3 update tomorrow.

kornbeaner4259d ago

Wheres THEMart?

I expected him to be the first one here with another " I told you so" comment and posting Attach rate numbers and other numbers.

I'll give it another 3 hours.

EZCheez4259d ago

Maybe one of us should beat him to the punch and cut and paste his repetitive report

gta_cb4259d ago

well its been 7 hours and nothing to see from MART