Wii fails to crack Australian sales charts. Is the honeymoon over?

Gameplayer has reported that no Wii games made it into Australia's top ten best-selling games list.

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MK_Red4753d ago

Here is the proof that Australians are the smart gamers, buying real games like God Of War instead of childish Wii games.

ITR4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Didn't GOW 2 just release in Aussie?

Or was it a month ago.

If it's like the UK they haven't even gotten Paper Mario yet.
They just got Elebits..which is a niche game. Some love it and some hate it.

Now I know they are behind in Wii games.
They've got Rapla Fishing in their Wii's top ten games.
Very bad game in the top 10 list...

aqtrunks4753d ago

Does it matter if a game is childish? Or are violent games the only way for you to re-affirm your masculinity?

I'm not sure what to make of this. 1) Comparing the other regions to Australia, the Australian systems are a lot more expensive. 2) On the global game market, Australia continually strugles to have a large user base for video games. I guess only the rich are buying the video games down there...

PS360WII4753d ago

One territory where the Wii is king!!!!! What's Nintnendo going to do!!!! Oh yeah still sell like crazy...

Hanseo4753d ago

hahahahaha god of war 2

Firewire4753d ago

Wii sucks!
What version of Mario are you playing?
1234567 or 1234568?

PS360WII4753d ago

it's just shocking that you only have 1 bubble. Really it doesn't do you justice...

ChickeyCantor4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

The funny part is: you like the Ps3 right? and i bet you are going to get FF right?

[i have nothing against FF, i like the games]

can someone please ban this idiot! all he does is say pointless things.
he is not worth the last bubble!