Xbox Japan Jumping On E-money Bandwagon Developed By Sony

Microsoft Japan sent out word today to Kotaku that starting Friday, May 25th, Edy e-money can be used to purchase Xbox LIVE memberships. Edy is electronic money based on FeliCa chip technology Sony developed and can be stored on cell phones and credit cards. But now that Microsoft's using Sony developed e-money, does that mean Blu-ray's next?

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kornbeaner4589d ago

this story takes place in japan so playing with Sony technology in it's motherland will take place more then once there. Now as far as Blu-ray goes. That kind've IF'y. The HD-DVD drive was not all the successful so why release a Blu-Ray drive.

UrbanJabroni4589d ago

There is something about anonymous communication via the internet that has turned this "war" into a truly miserable online experience. I can't take reading this inflammatory rubbish, and the subsequent inane posts, anymore.

I work for a publisher, so my colleagues and I are obviously very, very passionate and opinionated about games. Somehow, however, of the 100 or so people I interact with regularly, not ONE of our conversations has turned heated. Some people like the PS3 or 360, some don't. We ALL agree on the problems with systems and the potential good stuff. We all even agree on which rumors we think are true or not regarding stuff like potential "exclusives."

I'm convinced that there are millions of sane and logical people who all agree, and that 99% of the comments from "fanboys" are made by a tiny group of children under the age of 18. (Not that all pre-18ers are idiots, i just FEEL that most idiots are under 18, please note the difference). There is something about all the fighting that reminds me of Jr. High,

kornbeaner4589d ago

Who or what are you referring to?

Am the only one that posted on this story.
and I believe I kept it as clean as possible.

Overall I agree with you.

BIadestarX4589d ago

Did you guys know that Sony sells laptops and computers loaded with windows? Did you guys know that Blu-ray uses microsoft's VC-1 Encoding?

Ohh lord... look at this link...

Sony is selling Microsoft Office from their official site!!!!!!

How can this be!? SOny copy Microsoft! YOu people are fools... It's not new for companies to use eachother's technology specially when the services or tools is not in direct competition with what they are trying to do or when it benefit them. Do you actually think that everyone at sony uses linux?

kornbeaner4589d ago

Again I don't get where these comments are coming from.

MS is using a sony developed product in japan. It's bound to happen, just like Vaios and just about anything Sony computer uses MS product and/or codec.

Merging of products not in direct competition with each other are gonna happen and it's been happening since the beginning of technology.

toughNAME4589d ago

lol that was out of the park man

MySwordIsHeavenly4589d ago

I know you're telling everyone to relax...but I don't see anyone getting all crazy over it. Ya'll are talkin' to yoselves!!!