The Vent: Accusers

In the gaming world, there are a few who have the skills of a gaming prodigy, a god of gaming if you will. They are unique with their skills, always overpowering their opponents. Some of them are egotistical, and some celebrate in silence. They make their names known and gamers are aware of their existence. Most of us in the world are oblivious to the prowess these gamers hold. How do most of us react when faced against an opponent as great as a god, when we are sure in ourselves that they are just mortal? We accuse, having this firm belief that they must have bested us by some sort of illegal contraption. The worst part about it is that these accusers do not know when to stop running their mouths.

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4381d ago

a gaming god, but i'm pretty damn good at all of the games that I play online. (44 win streak in COD4!) I can definitely relate to this article because every single time my friends and I beat the crap out of people online, as soon as we get back to the lobby I get called a cheater! Never fails.

BROOKLYN N-M-E4381d ago

gaming god could actually be a gaming devil! that's funny!

taz80804381d ago

The best is when people lame lag.

taz80804381d ago

Moddes and cheaters ruin it for all, that is where the accusers get the excuses from.

True skill always reigns supreme.

Chadness4381d ago

You make a good point in the article - it would be in everyone's interests people would just ignore it and resign themselves to the fact that there is always someone better than they are and its darn near impossible to prove one way or the other if the person is actually cheating.

Best just to save your breath and blood pressure by calmly ignoring it and moving on.

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