EB Games sale (25%-50% off) 5/27-6/16

Up ahead is another major deal alert for North America's gamers. There's an upcoming EB Games/GameStop sale that will be going down this week, which will be displaying games and accessories for discount prices ranging from 25% to a whopping 50% off.

The sale is expected to kick in this May 27 (Sunday), and will end on June 16 (Saturday). Courtesy of Cheapassgamer (CAG), we've also managed to pilfer acquire an SKU list of the merchandise that'll be receiving the price cuts (make sure to read the fine print)

To clarify the list, reibeatall over at CAG further explained that viewers will want to read the first two numbers on the SKUs:

* 16 = GBA
* 18 = DS
* 19 = PSP
* 20 = XBox 360
* 21 = Xbox
* 22 = GameCube
* 27 = PlayStation 3
* 28 = PlayStation 2
* 64 = PC
* 80 = Accessories

Great time to find use for that shiny new upscaling feature on the PS3's backwards compatibility.

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Dr Pepper4585d ago

didn't believe me when my 360 broke for the second time. It took 20 minutes to convince them to give me a new one. I haven't been there since.

Xabrophazon4585d ago

Wii is catagory 23, but I don't think there are any on that sale.

alsef074585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

Even though it wasn't, i just wanted to exchange it for a smart, i had to give them a fit, but its ok, i got store credit, then i came back the 29th and got the elite...heck yeah

thisisim4585d ago

I can understand why you did it, but to post it shows that you're proud of what you did. It isn't EBGames fault that Microsoft comes out with several sku's and they'll be the ones to eat the loss. Throwing a fit gets you what you want, but it doesn't serve the world in any way. Good luck to the next guy who comes in with an actual problem, especially if he/she's not willing to throw a tantrum to get it fixed.