PCGZine # 6 - New Call of Duty 4 & Starcraft 2 Info

Issue 6 of PCGZine is now available for download. It includes a first Starcraft 2 preview and a Call of Duty 4 preview, both enhanced with video and multimedia. There's an exclusive interview on Football Manager Live and reviews of Halo 2, Tomb Raider Anniversary, Spiderman 3 and many more. The issue also has a new Community section for MMO and LAN/online gaming fans, which talks to the best fan sites and brings you news of updates on all the popular online games. There's a feature on ATi's first DirectX 10 card and lots more too.

The magazine is written by professional games journalists from the UK and is a completely free download for readers. All you need is a copy of Adobe Reader on a PC and a broadband connection to download. As with the other GamerZines, PCGZine is available without registration making it a truly free PC games magazine.

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