Linux test shows PS3 beat by a Power Mac G5

General-purpose code seems to slow down the Cell performance a bit, as it would appear on a recent Geekbench test. Primate Labs ran a few benchmarks under Linux and the results show the PS3 being beat by a Power Mac G5 1.6GHz in all tests except memory performance. We have to keep in mind, the tests only prove the Cell is not a wonderful "general-purpose" CPU. And lest anyone forget, the purpose of the PS3 is to play games!

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snoop_dizzle4581d ago



No worries, the PS3 will shine :)

ironwolf4581d ago

Everyone knows the PS3 is a super computer!


no_more_heroes4581d ago

they were saying that the ps3 and 360 are close in overall stats.

dantesparda4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

I have been saying this for a while now, that the Cell processor and the Xenon processor (in the 360) are inferior to the PC CPU's but you fanboys wont listen, because nothing is more powerful than you beloved system. I told you's that a "In-line" CPU would perform at about half the speed of a "OoOE" (Out-of-Order Execution) processor, but "nooo!!" you's wouldnt listen, because Sony said so or MS said. And if that wasnt bad enough (the in-line architecture) there are other factors with these processors that make them inferior to the PC CPUs, like for example the 512KB L2 cache on the PS3, very little, or the half-speed (thats right folks, "HALF-speed L2 cache on the 360 CPU, the Xenon.) That means it's asynchronous, that creates mad latencies. Also 1MB L2 cache for 3-cores is not enough, and this DMA like 256KB memory on the SPEs/SPUs on the PS3, i dont even know how that architecture works out, but i imagine, that it must suck too. They should had just made them straight up "caches"

Dont get me wrong, i am not saying that these processors cant outperform the PC in certain programs/tasks (like [email protected] for example). But overall they are inferior CPUs to the PC's. Accept it people! Cell is really only good for certain tasks, not "General-Purpose" computing

gta_cb4581d ago

the thing that made me laugh is it was in the PS3fanboy website lol!

DADO4581d ago

How can they run the test on the PS3? Yellow Linux only uses 2 SPEs out of 8.

ITR4581d ago

Sony has the advantage if it had two cores running.
That G5 processor has only one.

A better test would've been maybe a dual 2.0Ghz G5 and some optimized code for the Cell.

The old 1.6Ghz G5 was the entry level processor for the PowerMac back in June 2003 and got axed in June 2004.
It only came with 256megs of RAM and maxed out at 4GB of RAM.

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The story is too old to be commented.