PS3 being outsold by xbox 360 elite

According to the latest sales figures from , not only is the PS3 being outsold by the Wii and the xbox 360 premium, the xbox 360 elite console is also outselling Sony's next-generation effort.
Also worth noting is that all three Halo 3 SKU's are also outranking the PS3 on these sales charts.

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gta_cb5176d ago

hmmmm this is prob going to start a major flamewar.





snoop_dizzle5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

good for msoft

the flame war will start in about 3 minutes.

here it goes,......

deeplies45176d ago

oh no I am quiet late. I'll try my best to catch up....

gta_cb5176d ago

anyway getting back to the article, cool maybe this is good as then Sony will be forced to push the price cut forward in there things to do list.

DrWan5176d ago

well Halo release is near, we would expect xbox to perform well right? I mean i got my preorder already. I think we will see these numbers and pos go up and down as we near the release of game titles.

snoop_dizzle5176d ago

is released the elite along with halo 3 and had a bundle pack, I think the elite would sell a lot better.

DrWan5176d ago

isn't beta going on? i didn't get into beta or buy crackdown though. so i am not sure how many original xbox player was getting the system to play beta??? becaues beta ID was selling for high price on ebay before. If beta is finished arleady, then i guess i am wrong.

But in the US, xbox has always sold better than ps3 hasn't it? exclusing launch days??

ben hates you5176d ago

the elite is as hard to find as wii

RBlaze5176d ago

Im pretty sure the beta is lasting into early july. Cant remember the date though. You should pick up crackdown for a while to try the Beta mate, its good, and crackdown is going for fairly cheap in most places.

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DADO5176d ago

NOT a big surprise because most of the 360 ELITES sold are being purchased by previous 360 owners. They just want to have the best console available.

Eldon35176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

I just bought a 360 Elite and is my first 360. I got a PS3 at launch and bought the elite because I am tired of waiting for PS3 games.

I did have to go to 3 different stores before I found one and it was their last one.

tplarkin75176d ago

Even if the Elites are being bought by previous owners, then the used console market is being flooded with used 360s. The install base will still increase, regardless.

sak5005175d ago

@dado . So the ps3 owners will start ordering 80GB models from korea and hence we should see increase in ps3 sales as well. Right.

MADGameR5176d ago

360 sales are going good, but they will have a limit. Just like X Box only reached 24M. The X Box 360 will exceed their previous X Box 6 year sale. But the growth will slow down dramatically. It will drop.

Xi5176d ago

and what happens when they do a price cut?