The Wii Eats It: The Truth Can Finally Be Told

John Biggs from CrunchGear is trying to like the Wii. He tried his hardest to love Super Paper Mario. But this image essentially sums up my opinion of the game, the platform, and the other games available, including Zelda. Please, Nintendo. Please. Stop it. Treat me like I have a brain. I'm so tired of "whimsical" being equated to "mythic" and "classic characters" becoming an excuse for poor game play and foolish stories.

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PhinneousD4586d ago

haha, that's what makes nintendo so entertaining. it's the ridiculous witty banter imo.

MySwordIsHeavenly4585d ago

Yeah, i love my wii. I just got it two days ago. I love it, but the appeal has already worn out...and I have two games for it. I bought SSX Blur and WarioWare: Smooth Moves. I'm a little tired of it. Like, if I didn't have a PS3...I would definitely have taken back my Wii for that.



ChickeyCantor4585d ago

I dont get it, so ok he doesnt like the Wii, but who is he? god?
we all have our own opinion about stuff, but the truth?

" The story is as linear as Half Life but not nearly as compelling. Go here, do this. Go there, do that, come back here, watch some wizard talk for forty minutes, go there. Do that again."

W8, aint games doing this for years now? This guy is full of bullsh*t.

" I do not have time to collect all 500 ants in the Twilight Princess world. Trust me."
500? what? they are not hard to find, and its not a must.. you can kill ganon without the bug cathing, so why bother say something about it.

"Give me some good graphics and fun puzzles."
"give me"..............

This whole thing of his is pointless, his opinion are idiotic.
wich idiot is next to put his opinion on the net and call it "facts" or the "truth".

"Give me a game that makes me forget I’m playing a game"

unsunghero284585d ago

One second they say "This is stupid, I'm a sophisticated gamer", the next they say "Uuuungh, reading hurts my brain."

Yeah. The truth can finally be told... John Biggs is a dumbass.

soccerstar4585d ago

ya my bro got a wii 4 christmas and i think i absolutly hated it after about a week the only god thing was wii bowling and thats it. I would never buy one even if they were $10

unsunghero284585d ago

Hey, not sure if you noticed, but Wii Sports isn't the only thing out for the Wii. There's a little game called "Legend of Zelda" that you might be interested in picking up.

Rasulis4585d ago

This guy contradicts himself multiple times and is not insightful at all. He either is bashing the Wii and Nintendo to get attention or is a idiot. I choose the latter one.

Original Statement-
"Nintendo focuses on babies."

Contradictory Statement-
"Their games are long, complex, and needlessly convoluted, adding little to story or satisfaction." That isn't really geared towards babies. Hell I'd bet money more little kids play FPS games like Halo and Gears of War then play Zelda or Super Paper Mario.

If he doesn't enjoy those games and wants to play a FPS then do it, and don't bash on Nintendo for your wasted money and stupidity.

ChickeyCantor4585d ago

Agree, its for babies, yet he finds it complex..........and he says he got brains.........this guy is a total moron!

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The story is too old to be commented.