DualShockers Review: Shin Megani Tensei: Persona

DualShockers writes:

"A group of friends are thrown into a crisis together – not an uncommon circumstance for the beginning of an RPG. Yet, as with the two most recent games in the Persona series, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for the PSP has that extra little bit of edge, that added pep, that eerie atmosphere that makes it feel like you're playing something new and different..."

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iiprotocolii4482d ago

Jeez... I was expecting a better score. Guess the game is just "meh"

Reibooi4482d ago

This review is a joke. Pretty much every other review outlet is giving the game either a 4/5 or 8 9 or 10. The game is incredible.

I have been playing it pretty much non stop for awhile and it's incredible how well a game from so long ago holds up with so little changes.

Honestly don't listen to this review go play the game for yourself.

iiprotocolii4482d ago

Although I agree to some points, a lot of reviews these days, especially from biggers pubs, are a bit... sorry to say... biased. Some people go into remakes/ports of games already with the idea in their head that the game was great before. It's not a big problem, but then again, you're not really reviewing the game that you're playing now; you're reviewing the game you played before and loved so much.

As an RPG fan, I know how this works. I felt the review was solid because the reviewer wasn't shy to point out the game's biggest flaws and add to the overall review score. Persona is a great series, nonetheless, and I will more than likely pick this game up. But to say that this review is a joke simply because bigger publications give it scores YOU like is pretty ignorant. Remember, a review is an opinion, and I respect every opinion.

Reibooi4482d ago

The point with Persona PSP isn't that it's a remake or anything it's a proper re release of a game that was horribly butchered in it's original US release all those years ago. This is the only way to play the game it was meant to be played short or learning Japanese and playing it that way.

In addition the game holds up incredibly well for how old it is and how little has actually been added to the experience.

People who don't appreciate Persona PSP either A) Don't like it cause it plays somewhat old school(which makes sense seeing as it's the same game from 1996) or B) Are completely unaware of the history the original version of the game I.E it was completely destroyed for the US release in 1996.

iiprotocolii4482d ago

I might get the game to try it out. Just a little weary after reading Chad's review.

BROOKLYN N-M-E4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

about paying for a remake to a game i've already played, one of which only gets 3 stars!

BROOKLYN N-M-E4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Isn't enough to make me buy this, maybe i'll give it a rental!

raztad4482d ago

@Guys above

I strongly suggest you to look for another review sources. Dont content yourself with this review. Persona is a classic with the better version being the PSP one.

Chadness4482d ago

Indeed, it is a classic and, although I never played the original, I'd have to agree that the PSP version would likely be the better of the two. But, just because its classic doesn't mean it shouldn't be reviewed by today's standards, especially since its a remake and not just a port of the original. While some aspects of the game are excellent, other aspects are lackluster.

There are plenty of aspects of the game that I enjoyed, but the things that bothered me were way too abundant to pass over and let go just because it has the label of "classic".

I always encourage people to check out multiple reviews, but don't go on reviews alone for your purchase decisions. If you enjoy it, go for it. I'm the first to say I have mad love for Atlus, but I can't misrepresent my thoughts on the game just because I like the publisher, developer or genre.

There, got that out. :)

iiprotocolii4482d ago

Couldn't agree more, Chad.