Uncharted 2 - Glitches exposed

Gameswire has uploaded 16 screenshots revealing some of the glitches that can be found in the game.

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Natsu X FairyTail3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Funny ass glitches.

I dont mind glitches in a game as Long As They are not Flagrant and do not make the Gameplay Worst. GlitchLess Games do Not exist.

gaffyh3649d ago

Funniest glitch I had was, the bit where you have to shoot the cars to get across the water. I jumped over the wall to get to the top of the stairs instead of going up the stairs, and got stuck in the floor. Lol, I actually recorded it because it was so weird.

joydestroy3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

screw glitches! i want a patch to fix the freezing issue!!!!!!!!! it has frozen on me more than a handful of times now and i'm still on the same playthrough :(

the freezing issue is a widely known issue, but isn't effecting everyone unfortunately.

StanLee3649d ago

I haven't really come across any glitches. A few clipping issues, sure. How do people find these? Are they just sitting looking for these?

cheese3649d ago

If you go all stealth during the blizzard level, where the train wreck lies, it actually breaks the game. Try to leave the level, after having stealth killed everyone, and go on to the next part, you'll be greeted by enemies spawning behind and insta killing you. Strange bit of bad design in a game this good.

NateNater3649d ago

I feel bad for ya man. This game has never froze on me once and I've played it up to 7 hours at a time non-stop. I guess I'm just lucky? Or is everyone else having freezing problems except for me?

Snoogins3649d ago

I've come across a lot of glitches where walls disappear and there's an awful lot of pop-in. The most memorable glitch was on Chapter 10 or 11 as you leave the temple. I turned around to go back inside and everything beyond the temple door disappeared and was only white space with floating propane tanks. I stepped into the white space and fell, holding on to the edge of the floor at the doorway. Freaked me out, but in a good way.

talltony3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

And never froze, glitched, or had a framerate drop.

Edit. Why disagree?? You dnt believe me? Its a fact that some people experience problems and some people dnt.
I think its only some copies because my friend was having problems but then he traded the disc for a new one and his problems were gone.

DK_Kithuni_713649d ago

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has never frozen on me.

Before the lauch I popped in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and that froze on me a couple of times. Never happend to me when I got it. Must be one of the PS3 updates screwing it up. I am sure Sony will figure it all out and fix the issues.

joydestroy3649d ago

yeah, i've been reading that it's either due to the Sony FW or it's just the game itself. either way, a patch needs to drop soon lol

dreamcast3649d ago

I've seen enemies running through objects, Drake's arm stretched out like 10 feet, and freezing on the last level.

sunil3649d ago

crap... i should thrown this game away !! /sarcasm

raztad3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


Some guys above make it sound like UC2 is a glitch fest.

Regarding the article, it cant be helped. When a game set the bar so high getting perfect scores all across the board, haters cant ditch the visuals or the gameplay so they settle for "teh glitchss"

BTW, I havent played UC2 yet. I'm just addicted to Demons Souls and my next game would probably be R&C:ACiT. UC2 will be a december game for me, It will be an awesome game to enjoy this holidays.

SRU96003649d ago

I came across a few glitches and the game froze on me once, but it wasn't enough to bother me.

If it had froze on me more than once I probably would have been pissed, though.

mugoldeneagle033649d ago

There were a few times where Drake got stuck in a nook here or there and would kind of have a seizure but nothing unplayable at all. I was also one of the players who's game froze on Chapter 25 after..


The Shymbala natives and and Lazarevic's men have that huge battle


My game froze twice on both Hard and Crushing after the battle. Luckily it auto-saved so I didn't have a problem with it as much as others would.

Overall though nothing hurt this game one bit. Great game.

The Wood3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

it froze on me once last night once in 29 and a half hours). What was more anoying than any glitch was beating the last boss on thats annoying but i beat the fcuker eventually.

bigboss9113649d ago

dude that is not a glitch. you have to make sure you kill 100% of the enemies before climbing the ledge. I thought is was a glitch at first, but on my second play through i thought i would just sneak past mgs style and climb the ledge. Big mistake. so i did a little investigation to see if my assumption was correct and the only way out is to kill everyone. I even killed everyone except one, and it still happened.
a funny glitch is the floating glitch.if you are behind cover and you friend is playing co-op and if they climb over the cover on top of you, it will begin a falling animation. if the person behind cover doesnt move, the person on top will die after about 5 seconds rofl.

indysurfn3649d ago

Uncharted2 =Tomb raider 2.99!!!

SuicidalTendencies3649d ago

Further proof that no game deserves a perfect score. Which is why I don't respect game reviewers opinions. Just look at GTA4.

inveni03649d ago

"Glitch"? Every game EVER made has clipping issues. What a pathetic attempt at an article...and hardly news.

When someone finds a REAL glitch (like infinite ammo sources, invisible cover points, etc.) I'll pay attention. Until then, finding a few clipping issues in a game that is designed to have you climbing all over everything is hardly a "glitch".

Sitdown3649d ago

how is a glitched defined? During the first time in the game where you use a partner to help get to a higher location..I jumped near them and got stuck between a wall and an invisible wall........Drake started moving like he was having convulsions all the way down to the ground; after his feed touched, all was back to normal. More comical than anything else...

MiloGarret3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

So far this gen I've played two games that I think deserve a perfect score, one of them is UC2, the other is the glitchiest game I've ever played and that's Mass Effect. I really don't think glitches such as the ones portrayed here, or even bad ones such as the ones in ME should warrent a lower score as long as the game experience remains a positive one.

UC2 froze on me once, and I noticed some minor clipping issues, other than that it was a smooth ride. ME had so many glitches I can't even count them, that I still think it deserves a perfect score is a testament to its awesomeness.

BTW: for some perspective... look at the comments:

SuicidalTendencies3649d ago

A perfect score is saying a game is perfect. No glitches, game crashing bugs, or anything like that. Obviously all games have these types of things happen, and that is why no game should be labeled perfect. What really annoys me is that there isn't any type of system to reviews. It just seems that these reviewers make sh!t up as they go. One game will get praised for one thing and another game that has the same thing will get dogged. Not only that but you also have these reviewers who don't like maybe RPG's, and they will have that person reviewing an RPG. WTF? It's all just asinine.

goflyakite3649d ago

I've only seen one glitch while playing. I think what happened was the enemy tried to throw a grenade while jumping off a ledge, so he was floating down in the standing animation. Pretty funny.

Marquis_de_Sade3649d ago

I came across a strange AI bug where a wave of 6 or 7 enemies all clustered around a single point.

Deputydon3649d ago

I've somehow managed to grab one of those train lights. I just jumped right before it hit me and he grabbed onto it...

There is also a glitch on the lost city map online. If you take cover behind one of the tiny waist-high walls in the tunnel the camera gets stuck in the wall and you can't move left/right unless you get off the cover.

FamilyGuy3649d ago

The only glitch I've seen and also experienced was when you hop over a short wall and end up waist deep in the ground, unable to get out. Though I can't replicate it, it's somewhat random and pretty rare as I've only seen it the two times in all my time playing the official game so far.

Darkfocus3649d ago

"If you go all stealth during the blizzard level, where the train wreck lies, it actually breaks the game. Try to leave the level, after having stealth killed everyone, and go on to the next part, you'll be greeted by enemies spawning behind and insta killing you. Strange bit of bad design in a game this good."

that's not a glitch that supposed to happen if there's any enemies left you probably missed one I died A couple times climbing up there before I released you need to stealth kill all the enemies in the area before climbing up.

aaronisbla3649d ago

How and why the hell shouldn't any game be awarded a 10 out of 10? I would think you as well as others would be aware of the fact that most sites, magazines, any form of reviewing will tell you that a 10/10 doesn't mean its a perfect game. No game is "perfect" since the term itself is subjective. Who determines what is perfect?

This is why most sites worth their salt will tell it was never meant to be "perfect", just means its as good as its gonna get at the time of the review.

So if no game deserves that 10/10, and all games thats close to scoring a ten gets a 9.5/10, wouldn't that in turn make 9.5 the new 10? 9.5 out 9.5? Once you get it thru ur head what i mentioned at the start of this comment, you can see why some game sites award that score.

cheese3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Indeed, it's not quite a glitch - but it is bad design. The enemies that appear behind you literally come out of thin air, keeping you from leaving a level that you've completed your own way. Stealth is used only for variety, and that section proves that it really isn't a fully realised play style.

SaberEdge3649d ago

It's kind of absurd the way sites will go out of their way to find glitches in games. But the fact is, all games have glitches. Yes, Uncharted 2 has a few glitches, but the game doesn't feel glitchy--far from it, actually. It, in fact, feels supremely well made.

That said, it's interesting that many of the same people that were in the Forza 3 glitch article trashing the game on that basis are now in this article saying how it is no big deal. I fully agree that these glitches are nothing to worry about, I just wish people would show a little consistency and quit being so hateful and biased towards one console or the other.

JL3649d ago

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones? I also haven't really had any problems with the game. No glitches that I've seen. However, the game did freeze on me once. But only once, and it wasn't that big of a deal. I had been playing for several hours when it happened. It actually happened the exact same place that MuGoldenEagle mentioned (the battle). Luckily though it autosaved after that, and when I restarted the game it picked up after the place that it froze. So it didn't hinder me at all really, other than having to reset the system. Other than that I haven't noticed any glitches or so much as any pop-ins (of course I don't go through blatantly looking for this stuff either).

TheReaper423649d ago

DAMN yOu glitch whyyyyyyyyyyyy haven't i found some yet. Guess I'm just a bad gamer who can't seem to find glitches myself (except in R2 when my ally got stuck humping the wall). Anyways, UC2 hasn't froze one me yet. I'm using the shiny 80gb 60nm version I bought from dell. I leave 2 feet of air space between the vents and another object if that helps.

SuicidalTendencies3649d ago


That is why I said the review system is asinine. They will say a game like uncharted 2 has "forgivable glitches" but this other game over here doesn't. How is that a fair reviewing? They need a better review system. I think GTA4 proved that the system is flawed cause that game sure as hell didn't deserve no 10. And this is coming from someone who actually liked GTA4.

Tachyon_Nova3649d ago

Did anyone find an issue at the start of level 18 i think it was where you could go straight through a rock and go behind a stair case? Also, Cloe went through a few doors on me, and the controls refused to do what I told them to do, and even when doing the same thing after respawning, they work. There are more than a couple of bugs with this game, don't know why people think it is so polished.

There was also a fault where a sign that i was climbing on fell off but I could still go there. Drakes hands also regularly go 10-15 centimetres through things when climbing etc

2Spock3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Well the worst glitch i have had

*SPOILER* Kinda i guess

Is on the second part of the train section, there is a railcar that you can drop down into. I went to drop down into it and got stuck and Nathan floated back into the middle of the roof with his body being stuck exactly halfway through the railcar.

But i have had this game freeze up on me quite a few times. And the bad thing is that it doesn't matter single player, multiplayer. But despite the few glitches i have encountered and the freezing it is truly a great game. And on a side note i do like how people in other glitch articles was trashing the game and dev's and even the console maker. But for some reason being that it is UC2 it is ok and glitches are no big deal.

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Dipso3649d ago

Glitches?? In the almighty Uncharted 2?! Obviously rushed out too early to compete with the next gen behemoth that is ODST! Epic fail, wow just wow, 360 FTW etc. etc.


NateNater3649d ago

Haha seems no one could sense your sarcasm...if you really were being sarcastic.

Sarcasm3649d ago

I like the smiley face instead of a /sarcasm tag. I use that too now. Let's keep the trend going Dipso!

Dipso3649d ago

@Drummer and Sarcasm..congratulations, I thought referring to ODST as "a next gen behemoth" was a strong enough clue. As the old saying goes "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit"...and yet it still manages to sail right over the collective heads of N4G.

The Wood3649d ago

yeah, the halo bit gave it away....definitely

Blaine3649d ago

Haha, right over the heads of gametrailers users too! No variant of smiley/winky/clever kitty face will make them catch on, either. They just get upset too easily--bunch of 12 year olds.

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Feral Gamer3649d ago

All games have some glitches. I don't think they need to point them out. I saw snow falling through the roof of a building, but it wasn't a big deal.

hay3649d ago

Yup, Uncharted has tons of those glitches. I'm kinda surprised they didn't use doughnut drake skin to show some game glitches.
It's not a big deal at all. I've seen more severe problems like when I was climbing down the ladder but on the opposite side, inside a wall and then got blocked struggling to get out.
The big problem is when you die being close to finishing the last boss cause of a bug which didn't alow me to climb further...

Honestly, if the game code/physics are more complex, the more bugs and glitches will occur. It's simple as that.

Christopher3649d ago

This is the problem with being talked about, people will find tons of reasons to talk about the game, even if they're about as minor as having a pimple under my armpit.

retrofly3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Its the end of the world! Its funny, I'm pretty sure every game ever released has had character models going through walls, I bet I could go on any game and put something throgh and object at some point...

Perjoss3649d ago

if you want a glitch free game you can play tetris on gameboy, no offense to the creator of tetris but personally i'd rather play 'glitchy' games any day of the week.

gameangel3649d ago

Hmm, so even the mighty Uncharted 2 isn't perfect... damn.

Christopher3649d ago

Nothing is perfect. Every single game has glitches, no matter who makes it.